Why it is so hard to make simple and working game?

Dear amazon. Why do you have to choose the most shit way to make a good game?

Client side computings. Super complicated scaling systems and values. mechanics. gems. and bad designs, etcs.
And here were are, game is broken beyond imagination. Just Tab window and you are god.

i will use as an example a good old scaling system with all that strenght const dext systems implemented into it. imagine you have scaling implemented on every ability in a game. no wonder Flag points lag as hell with 50 hammers. scaled 50x with 50x diferrent builds and 50 different hammer types. plus gems. and ofc you have client side computings…

the basic idea of doing damage in every game should be. you have axe that doing for example 100 damage, = you need to hit 10x to kill 1000hp players. and maybe he has 25 armor. so cut it to 75 damage. its simple as that. Yes. not that simple in real games. you have to develop ultracomplicated system, nobody can code.

I have no idea why scalings with shit strenght and gems systems exists in games. to improve lvl 30 gameplay? hah, he is not playing this game already. to have game that scales another 30 percent of something into something diferent? plus 33 percent scaling of something more.

or supercomplicated talent and covenant systems like in wow. which nobody can fix.RIP that game

Dear game devs you lost yourself in supercomnplicated systems nobody wants to play and code. New world with broken core is a perfect example. You fucked your own game.

just make it simple. no scalings. no supercomplicated codes. systems. shits. Light armor, heavy armor sclaings. just simple math.

NOBODY cares that lvl 30 can compete with lvl 45. that your strength improves your damage by 23percent or 32. and if you are with light armor you do 20percent more dmg.

we all care about having good looking weapon with huge number and perks. nothing complicated. we want simple and functional game and maybe some badass armor. Few pvp systems and some dungeons. It has already been invented. just use it.

“Good” is subjective. What you find “good” and fun could be a complete game killer for someone else. They have to do a massive amount of research to determine how to best appeal to the widest possible audience while pissing off the fewest. Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. If you think it would be so simple, i can hardly wait 'til your game releases.

I’m not defending ags, per se, as i think they dropped the ball on a lot of things, but i would never say or imply that making a game is easy.

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Excuse me. Where is YOUR game?

how can someone likes broken thing? i invested huge time and effort to this projects. but it seems devs are stubborn as every game dev nowadays. Best games already has been made… and most of them are simple ones…

What about an MMO is “simple”? Have they shit the bed? Absolutely. Is new world a simple game? Not at all

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