Why nerf healing?

Hehe that’s what I thought man. NOBODY would watch this video and say healers are OP. You’re literally tanking one hatchet user and a bow that’s missing all his shots and seemingly half afk. This is nothing like your first video. This is tankable just by rolling around in light armor, you don’t even need a heavy set.

Go post that on youtube with a similarly catchy title to your other video and see what people say. You know it’s bullshit, and I know it’s bullshit. You lied man. Healers aren’t tanking people after the resilient fix and everyone knows it. You know how they know it? They’re killing healers in OPR with regularity.

I made you a quick video like you asked, I don’t get to decide how many people are there nor do I have any obligation to go farther out of my way for you. You are simply a nasty and fowl human being trolling the internet insulting people. But everyone else here gets the idea. This is the last you’ll hear from me

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Clear out/Shockwave/spear combo works just fine. We all know everyone basically runs hammer anyway so let’s not pretend after 1 clear out Shockwave you can move your character.


and when there is the unkillable healer, who cares?

he cant kill you.

he cant help his team as he is soley focused on himself

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I understand that fights don’t come as requested. But even based on the damage you took in that video, you should know that there is no way that you could ever tank even 2-3 melee focused on you. If people like you could admit the truth, it would go a long way toward proper pvp balancing in this game.

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It seems the changes are happening whether we like them or not…they did list “some” of their reasons.

Mayhaps. But there are just too many Fortnite players that are used to pvp without healers, therefore they don’t want healers in new world. and these loud mouths do not care 1 bit about pve.



I think a good compromise might be to find a way for gear to reflect PvP and PvE separately. Of course, I have no idea how this would or even could be implemented.

Here’s my reasoning from being in games that do both forms of gameplay. First they are never able to balance the two styles. It’s difficult enough, I would imagine, to just balance one of these options. To balance PvP alone is tough. Then you have to keep PvE balanced and after that you’ve got to balance both of them as well.

If gear and abilities could somehow be separated by an algorithm (?) so that flagging determined what your gear and abilities reflect of the playstyle your doing at the moment.

Because they want to everyone to play GA/wh only which will be only playable class now. Healer will get 50% need, GA/wh 50% buff

Sound like you are just really bad at healing and have anger management issues. You should probably be playing call of duty by now.

If Ags nerf heavy armor, real tank (without life staff) going to be more useless than actually …

I’d like to know how they do that.
I as a healer used light and died too often, people focus me and nobody helps the healers.
I use heavy because nobody cares for healer and i need to survive to provide to the team.
As a healer its more important to be alive and you can heal in the right moments, than to be able to burst heal, but die too often and the moment you are needed you are dead.

This said, i die pretty quick also in heavy armor when they focus me.
Idk what to do to tank 10 people or whatever some say here.

I call these claims are BS!

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Oh does that stun them for the 30 seconds you need to kill them? Let’s not pretend healers can’t tank a small army

If you need 30 seconds when 2 to 3 people have hammers you are playing very wrong/bad.

Let’s not pretend like bad players aren’t bad.

its easy… if you broke LS you can keep heavy armor as attacker… its taktic … point to another problem lol

the same people crying that healers are too good are going to be the same ones crying that there are no healer anymore


What is a “real Tank” second weapon?
GA for Stuns and selfheal?
No sarcasm i want to know honestly.
Thanks in advance.

Im buying all of the infused HP and infused regen. Something tells me potting will be the new meta :smiley: Going to make some money from it.

sorry atm on the game tank Sword/shield is useless/dead and do nothing i dunno why i write “real tank” this morning , templar and hybrid heal can tank more easily than player with full constitution.

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