Why no Crafting Bonus exp?

The issue I have is that the Devs seem to be listening to a very vocal minority of players. My guess is players who have already maxed out crafting back when the system was exploitable before AGS nerfed it and made it a total slog to level any crafting profession. The latest Dev video talks about continuing to make crafting more “engaging/rewarding” but when the system is being gated for players without the hardcore time to farm money or mats (insert gold seller add here) it becomes very discouraging and frankly feels kind of like a bait and switch. I and many have spent hours in game collecting mats anticipating the double xp opportunity (for only a couple of days) to finally get over that lvl 200 hump.

With the development focus of this game being very PVP oriented what do the PVE folks have to do but spend much of their time gathering and crafting or running the same few expeditions ad nauseum? It feels increasingly like AGS dose not really care about the PVE/PVX player base. Is one new expedition really going to solve things. I am sorry for my rant but I have been defending this game for some time now and just really feel very let down by the whole situation.


100%. Tho at first, getting professions to 200 was the reward, the achievement to show off. Maybe that’s why Devs thought it was a good idea to slow the ‘the progress of this content’


Yeah, I get what you are saying. Terrible thought process for them. Should have just done the week. Sometimes I feel like they don’t want us gaining too much xp or materials, but at the same time, if someone is going to No-Life the game, nothing will stop them lol.

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In the early days there were so many bots in the game you could go to the trader and find 20-60k of every single low tier material like rawhide green wood iron ore flint saltpeter for .02 each. It cost around 3k to max engineer just by crafting gunpowder. You could get weaponsmithing to max with 6k worth of materials and just make iron shields. They have decreased overall exp needed but they also massively decreased the exp you get from low tier materials after you break into the next tier IE iron gives bad exp when you can use steel now and so on.


Actually they raised the amount needed so much that even after lowering it later, it’s still way higher than it was originally. Go search through the patch notes, it’s in there somewhere. The amount they buffed using higher grade mats was actually laughable.

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Mustve missed that for sure, lvled my armoring second week of release. Was nothing like that on my server. Had to literally farm and craft 20k rugged leather gloves since higher tier crafts wasnt worth it, so cant agree it was easy at all.
But if other servers had it like you said then for sure it was broken. I remember when they buffed xp gain from higher tier crafts tho. Or when you could salvage some items from arcana and get most materials back to continue to craft.

Since then ive lvled all but weaponsmith, which is for sure crazy expensive (soon 200). Shouldnt need a gold cap to get it maxed out. But with that said ive never experienced any of my profession lvling to be easy. Alltough ive been farming them out myself mostly so cant speak for auction/exploits, just time invested.

Not directly related to op’s comment but, some players can’t play on weekends and some players can’t play on weekdays.

Someone will always complain. 1.25x exp boost = complain, 2x exp boost = complain. Exp boost on actual weekend like june 23-26 AND july 1-4 = complain, exp boost on weekdays = complain.

Whiny whiny, be happy that devs decided to make five different exp boost events altogether. They simply can not please everyone and i tip my virtual hat for them for enduring all the unnecessary negative comments.

They are persons after all like everyone else, not robots, so do not treat them like robots.

Guess your posts struck a nerve with some people. Truth hurts sometimes.

I forgot about that one when you crafted gauntlets and you got metal back instead of the leather so essentially you were crafting them for free because the metal ingots you salvaged were worth so much more then the leather primary ingredient.

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I have to be honest, I was a little bit disappointed with 1.25% bonus to crafted XP.

However, I will take what I can get, and will continue to stockpile refined resources until that week.

My dream of getting a couple of my professions to 200 looks a long shot. Especially since I am long in infused silk and leather, but short in Star metal and oricalcum, which I could have at least retasked into furnishing and weaponsmith. Mmmm I wonder if curtains could use it… maybe a infused leather bed spread.

Thanks for your feedback! We’re currently exploring the implementation and running of different types of Bonus XP events (aka why you’re seeing it structured this way). This isn’t the last time we’re running these types of events so if you’re not able to take advantage of them now, there will be opportunities for you to do so later on.


Yeah we know there will be more events Lux. We just sad because we all really prepared for this and built up hype for this. Some got exact amounts of materials needed for 150 and then 200. Now our 150-200 mats no longer work because we dont have enough to get to 150. Also if you do the math unfortunately for crafting skills you end up getting less xp for your materials if you participate in the event. Mainly because crafting xp is tied more to cost and less to time spent. Its actually more xp to sell your mats during the event and buying back later.

If it was announced as 1.25 initially it is one thing but people really are pretty sad about this. In addition to the structure not giving people the bonus on weekends when most people have time to play. @Luxendra

Hey Luxendra, I and many of my friends sincerely appreciate this. Sorry we couldn’t see your lovely presence in the last Dev video, but this event has been fun and thank you. I only wish they were a week long versus just three days.

There might be the perception of only the loudest whingers getting listened to via this forum but that generalization is pretty basic - they have other ways to gather feedback too. Personally I would have no issue letting other players accelerate their crafting, even though I suffered the grind myself - why would I care about others not suffering enough?! Pretty much everyone on my Discord is annoyed about the 1.25% crafting. The communication could’ve been so much better handled. In a game like this, if you go all cryptic, people’s expectations will get all distorted and they’ll just be double pissed when the real details get announced I mean c’mon guys!

I like the staggering of the promos, makes sense how one can benefit the next, but doing them in the week only seems a really weird thing to do, limits their ability to leverage the promos, creating yes, yet more frustration! Everyone I know who plays this game has kids, a house, a job, etc. Why have you made the promo so hard for them to access?

1.25% on crafting is a let down. Sure it is better than nothing as several have pointed out, but it is still a disappointment based on the expectations given. It’s also a bad decision for various reasons as others have pointed out.

Constructive Critique: You should have someone proof read your announcements prior to making them public, because too often they are either unclear, or so poorly worded that they actually state something that was not intended.

Professionally, clarity in communication is always necessary, but especially in gaming where the community is not only fickle, but take actions as they play in preparation for an upcoming event that they normally would not, so their anger is sometimes justified.

Please, just proof read your releases with an eye toward how many different ways it can be interpreted before making the announcements public.

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May I ask for the source of this info? (Minus the intercourse reference).

Very bottom of the page for crafting.

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per download.

While your statement is very true, it also reminded me of this month’s dev video where they said “hey, we’d going to change the way that salvaging items work” (not just the named items). And everyone thought, OK, which things are safe to salvage now and which things should I hold to salvage after the referenced patch?

To be fair, the video didn’t mention crafting, but the forums did. I don’t think it’s worth the time to see if the forums ever said “2x” and “crafting” in the same sentence. But it was definitely implied.

There is just a lot of room for improved communication.