Why no kid npc's in New World?

So we know that lots of people lived in Aeternum before we came here, but i have never seen any children or teens in game. Is there a reason for that ? Like in the series “Lost” ? There women couldnt bear childen because of the magnetism.

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Why is it possible we can kill ghosts with a weapon or at all? :slight_smile: :joy:

I was wondering about his myself.

I sold my kids to an outlander slaver to fund my Mourningdale house(I should clarify that this post was made in a poor attempt at humor).


Just read the chat and you will find them.
No seriously there are many games without children nowadays because of moral/legal issues afaik.

I pondered this topic with my boyfriend as well. It would be nice to see NPC’s farming, relaxing in the tavern/bar, or just walking around, even little children playing in the settlements, but I suspect they won’t be added. In NW players are the NPC’s :wink:

The kids are all in a dungeon and we have to free them.

Actually thinking about it, it’s probably that the corruption on the island emits some sort of radiation. Not really deadly, but causes certain side effects. Not having children may be one of them.

The other option is, we’ve seen what the npcs look like. There might not be enough alcohol around for them to want to do anything with each other.

We (the players and npcs) are in the New World. You don’t send women (non militarized ones at least) and children with the exploratory force.

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