Why nobody is enjoying OPR (VIDEO)

Basically every OPR since the arenas patch. As you see everyone using bow/rapier (literally all the red team). they dont care if they loose they just play like that outside the points (they ended up loosing)… Clearly something is wrong with this.

Imagine a new player reaching lvl 60 and going to OPR for the first time and see this… how is this going to encourage people to play the game… i only playing OPR because of the daily…

and the guy in the video is me trying to provoke all bows i can for you to see how unplayable this is outside the forts for anyone that is not a range build.
so dont post something like wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg AlOnE yOu ArE bAd…

when you got chased by more than 3 bow users anywhere for 40 min non stop you cant have any fun (1 arrow a sec minimum)… and staying in the fort for 40 min is also not fun (but you win)… and im not even going to say how it is when you are in the bow team…

the second video is a different match. and you can see how i get hit by a bow guy that is on top of a rock (the left one coming from moon).




I love falling against a team like this, because I keep my shield up at the door of the “fort” and I win the game, because no one enters to contest. Gold, EXP PVP super easy and fast kkkkk.

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This guy need to learn the game, adjust to the new future. Just count how many archers did you find in my OPR, my team. Bow got boost, finally it’s enjoyable so it’s normal people trying this weapon, and because it’s nice to play i don’t see anything wrong that there are games where 1 team have 5 or 6 archers. Why this dude didn’t make the same video, when everyone was playing great axe ? Team with more archers in 99% games is losing team, and this guy ask to nerf bow to make balance? What kind of balance he wants? Makes the range to lose 120 % of games? To become like a disease? Not welcomed in team and ppl heaer ohh we have range, better leave?

“everyone” means GA players basically. Yall are the only ones who complaining all day about it.


What do you mean "no one is enjoying opr?!
That grp of archers clearly is!


LMB spamming bow bros are gonna be like “It’s Fine.”
This is every OPR, and it is boring af.


If you playing hatchet or great axe what you spamming? As an archer atleast you need to hold right button to zoom and aim, take correction on the distance, because arrow is not flying straight line, also player movment etc

They lost, what is wrong with that… you rushed a group of archers what did you think would happen? Your grav well is loud when it procts so everyone turned to find you. Do you expect the archers to be in melee range? It is called playing your class. The minimal range class prior to patch had to slot slash gems now a lot of the melee are upset cause they get ranged down for running in one direction the hold “W” right clickers. You want to know what’ll keep me from killing you, bump up a class from light to medium, slot thrust protection, go more con and learn how to zig zag and dodge. Coordinate to triangulate. Adjust adjust adjust… the objective is winning so if they stay outside and shoot then let them lose the game. I play on point with 300 dex and 210 con.

lol you are quick, I play all the weapons. Including bow.

not 5 or 6 archers… more than 17!!! is my video im that guy, you want me to upload every match i have from now on?

is not funny when you got this kind of team because is a lost game also not fun going against them…

im telling you this is every match in my server!!

And no one with Greataxe can damage you if you are not in melee (bow does +rapier)

to win OPR you need to capture forts!!! how is not going to be melee a priority in OPR?? what weapon can melees use better than GA?

Yeah but when you are in the bow team… good luck xD

True kkkk

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Dude im making this up for you to see how bad is to play against this kind of team…

you think is smart go against 7 bow users alone??

you think i only play to win?

i play for fun mainly…

where the f*** is the fun going against this kind of people?

you enjoy trying to kill a guy and the second later you have 4 bows killing you in 5 sec? and that without saying that the guy you go for just switch to rapier and go away instantly…

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Estas en lo cierto bro, el arco y los de rango están matando los opt, pero déjalos bro, si quieren que la gente se siga yendo, no saben mantener un equilibrio en el juego, al final todos entraran a jugar con una build de rango o simplemente dejaran el juego, nada que hacerle, los desarrolladores no tienen idea de la mecánica de juego, por que crees que han perdido tantos seguidores.

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First of all, nobody told you to rush inside fort without using brain. As you can see most of the people who playing with bow, they also using spear. Did you ever think why they need that spear? Because seems like not, but i will tell you, archers in every game are inside fort, but you probably didn’t realize it, because die like a noob before people decide to go inside. So if archers can use secondary weapon you can also do the same, use blunderbuss it’s amazing weapon, super strong with aoe dmg, good mobility. Do not go inside so fast, wait for the team, shot a bit inside and if the archers do not move, you also stay with them, finally they will change the position or go to caputre another fort. Just simply follow the group and adjust to the group this isn’t so hard. As an archer i am inside fort every game and other people doing the same.

The only players who rarey going inside fort, are musket, so if you wanna blame someone, blame them.

Dude i make this up for people to see it… you think im going to throw a GW alone to a group of more than 6 bow users?? dont you see im just dodging???
when they go inside a fort they die instantly thats why the bow teeam allways loose… i kill them easy in the fort (and i mean easy)

Asi es bro solo nos queda esperar a que cambie la meta… pero bueno como siempre todo el mundo se cambiara a lo mas roto… por que como la mayoria son malisimos pues solo pueden hacer kills de esa forma… si eres de tir na nog y te apetece echarte unos bgs mi nombre es el mismo que el del foro :wink:

Yeah because when you are with the bow team you lost the game… and when you are against them you have to stay inside the forts all the time… whats the fun in that… people still defending it… how can people defend braindead bow users spamming lmb to the gates of a fort… completely non sense… but we will see how much this lasts

So why do you complain? Shudn’t be happy that you got archers as enemy if you have easy win and easy kills? Problem is that since losing team is getting 2000 points and winning team 2500 ppl are not willing to struggle, to have heavy moments inside forts, while fight just relaxing and stay faar from fight. First of all for taking/blocking damage people need to start earing points, second thing is that losing team should get max 1500 while lose, and winning 2500 so people will be more motivated to win the game.