Why nobody is enjoying OPR (VIDEO)

Of course if you are part of the bow team (being a bow user) you will enjoy… but with almost everyone i talked about this (top companies in my server and lots of people in forums) they dont find it enjoyable.

Also i dont know where i said “spin the whole pvp mode around new players”… i said that if you are a “new” player (that reach 60 and get some decent armour) and see how frustrating is not winning because you are in the bow team or being hit with 17 arrows coming at you every few seconds… maybe and just maybe that guy never go to opr again… (and is true because ive seen it in my server)

No idea on what server u are and no idea how ur top companies are. I feel sorry for ur server already.

So first 'part ppl enjoy being in Bow teams and in second ‘part’ ppl are losing cuz of Bow teams? Make up ur mind.

Now let’s start with beginning, u are playing terrible and with no brain if u go against 5+ enemies with no ally to support/help u - with ur light hatchet/spear build. Making a game statement based on ur lack of experience and bad gameplay, it’s totally WRONG.

Now about the so called new players, as they are ‘new’ it means they are opened to all classes: DPS, Healer, Tank, Bruiser. So it’s not necessary to be whole server DPS, but sure if they wish to be DPS - it’s everybody choice.

OPR are mainly lost cuz nobody push inside Forts and here u are included too. Those fights between Forts while ur team have 0-1 Forts its helping enemy team to win.

Before coming with assumptions again, I let u know that I’m not playing Bow.

Dude did you even read the topic??

How is that hard for you to understand that if you are a bow user in a team with more than 15 bow users you will enjoy because there are so many bows that is difficult for someone to kill you… even so if you are a melee in bow team you cant do anything because bows keep the range… and end up in finding yourself alone pushing into the forts is not that hard to understand… and if you are against the bow team is not fun being hit with 17 arrows a second having to stand inside forts for almost all the match… if you cant see it man you have a problem fr…

yes nerf a different weapon because of the life staff. Thats why this game is so bad now, the devs are listening to these clown tips. Durr healer can top himself from 1 to 100% with one ability after roll twice… IT MUST BE THE RAPIER!

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Healers are easy to kill without rapier dude if you dont know that healers should heal you are the clown :slight_smile: if they dodge twice i cc him if he dodge again he run out of stam and i destroy most of them so yeah rapier gives an extra mobility wich ends up in never catching them :confused:

Dont bother with this dude. In his video he couldnt even move life bar of a guy who he caught in gravity well… wtf u expect from him?

He is weak, frustrated, unskilled and have big mouth. All qualities.


all i do is get 500 point and afk the whole match to get the xp now

You are shorting yourself by not getting full xp value then. At least get to 3000.

yeah completely unskilled killing 35 in OPR please show me how much can you do noob.

come on dude 46 kills in war you are not even close to me.

Ruby Gypsum needs to only be awarded if you win. Then you’ll see a change in attitude in how people play the game.

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And you saying this proudly? people like you should be banned… i understand you dont have fun maybe but you are f***ing up a team :upside_down_face:

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i would love that.

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Absolutely agreed. These people are straight up griefing and if you ever call them out they’re projecting and branding you ‘toxic’ even though what they’re doing is causing people to not have fun.

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i couldnt say it better but you know there’s always people that don’t care about anything and the ego takes a big part…

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