Why NW Failed and will keep Failing

Your devs are all between the ages of 35-70. It’s obvious none of them actually play the game for PVP or as it was intended to be played.

That is why you are so disconnected from your players and every update you come out with gets roasted. You guys are too old. Sorry for the harsh reality but in all seriousness if you don’t get younger people who work on your game AND actually play a significant amount of hours… you would be able to make the changes needed to connect with your players.

Other ideas you can take away that will actually make things better;

Drop flux and other reagents from mobs. Replace the useless weak regen potions, etc. with useful items. Increase drop rate on craft mods

Allow us to toggle inventory while moving or farming materials…

Focus on ONLY the movement bug until it is actually fixed (this bug alone has made about 30% of my NW friends quit the game completely )

Introduce a company storage shed and company records for withdrawals and deposits into the treasury.

Let players put more trophies up in higher tier houses. why does a 5k house give you the same trophy flexibility as a 20k house

IF you don’t want to do that, let us put all trophies up and select (from other places on the map) which ones we want to have active

Give asmodeum or higher tier materials on salvage of 595+ purple /gold items **DUH

Increase the amount of ASMO, RUNIC, ETC. from 10 to 20 every 24 hours.

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