Why on earth do they not keep the more prestigious names for servers?

I created my first character on Mu. Then they merged it into something I can’t even pronounce. I moved to Eden. Now they are merging it into another thing I cannot pronounce. I will be using my server transfer token to find a server I can spell/pronounce.

I feel like I keep getting trolled. Why on Earth would they open a crap ton of F2P servers all at once and spread everyone so thinly that no one can play the game the way it is designed? Why do they not keep the names of the cooler server? I don’t want to leave my friends behind, but I have a bad memory and when the server name gets changed to something I can’t even pronounce I certainly won’t be able to remember it.

At least hold a poll on these forums for which names are kept. These are our HOMES and we care what our house address is no matter how superficial it seems - that is why some servers were much more popular than others in the first place.

Olympus, home of the greek Gods, becomes…Orun

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Olympus is very against this merge


Are you claiming that your inability to pronounce something is affecting your gameplay?

I’m confused if that is the case.

Or are you asserting that the ‘better’, ie., ‘cooler’ server should have it’s name used as the final name of the merged server?

Again I’m a bit confused by that as well. For instance who would dictate which server was cooler than any other server?

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Why would we elevate on fictional location over another fictional location?

Why is it the home of the Greek gods vs. the abode of all spirits in the Yoruba belief system?

Again as I mentioned in my other response to @Labyrinthian this all seems very subjective. The comparisons don’t seem to have any other argument then pure preference for one set of metaphysical fictions over another.

I’m posting these because I really am having trouble understanding the OP and the two following posts.

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All value is subjective, period. You also are appealing to authority when no such authority exists, by asking, “who gets to decide what has more or less coolness?” A chimp’s poo scribbles on a wall could be found to be more aesthetically pleasing that the ghost dog you can buy from the cash shop, but that doesn’t mean AGS should flip a coin to decide which of the two they should sell (hint: I purchased the Lost Dog but wouldn’t purchase a poo scribble.) We don’t need to debate the metaphysical foundations of aesthetic evaluations to realize that some things suck (e.g. servers you can’t pronounce) and some things are cool (e.g. mythically-inspired server names that are already a part of the zeitgeist.) As for how it impacts game dynamics? Firstly, I have deficits and it is embarrassing for me to not even be able to say what server I am on. Secondly, if you want to get rid of everything that doesn’t impact game dynamics then you will be playing a purely strategic game akin to chess rather than MMOs as they exist today. Also, I don’t think you are having trouble understanding my points.

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OOOOOOoooouch. OMG, I am so sorry. That makes me feel better about losing a 100 hours on a toon so I can play on a server I can remember only to have it repeat. I would be so livid. I saw a bunch of people in Eden general chat posting things like “They had better keep the Eden name!” and things like that too. Why is it so hard to just let us vote? They say they want to listen to us, so let us pick the server names - or even make it more fun and pick a whole new server name (with heavy editing from submitted options, or I will end up on “Bezos Elongated Rocket” or something like that, which is the only thing I can imagine being even worse…)

I really tried to address your concerns in a response, but what you claim I’m saying is so far from what I actually said I think we’d both be wasting our time; me in writing it and you in reading it.

Fair enough, that is wise of you to recognize the disconnect right out of the gates. I will file that away and try to emulate that skill in the future. To be clear, my intent was not to be rude but rather to follow through what I THOUGHT your points were, to demonstrate that they weren’t really reasonable. Again, no intent of being rude and I appreciate you recognizing that - you wouldn’t come to that conclusion wrongly. I wish you the best!

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