Why people move to abaton

Im in abaton long time ago, so my question is why people leave Barri and Dry tree to come in Abaton ?!

It’s interesting when we see quite a few people go from US West to US East despite having worse ping just to have higher populated servers to play on. All of the core QOL needed to really pull people back in can’t come any sooner.

Really hoping the Brimstone Sands patch functions as a reboot and gets people back, but in the end they just need more enjoyable endgame content to keep people coming back.


We was medium pop server, barri was also medium and dry tree was “the pvp server” high pop. Now abaton is mix and its high pop dry tree is medium and barri is about to die soon -.-

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Competitive guilds from different servers agreed to meet somewhere neutral. It gets no more complicated than that.


Yeah I remember when all the EU guys had that great idea to make an elite pvp super server.

Pretty much went exactly how it was always going to go lol

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dry tree seems to me stronger then ever outpost all night pop.


In my opinion Parrabellum (the strongest Marauders company) left Dry Tree because they cudn’t handle the competition. Sadly there are only 2 profitable town in this game, Everfall and Windsward, both controlled by Bonzai, who would never let it take, the current game mechanizm gives too much adventage to defenders, so if there is 2 equal company, the result may be only 1, defender win. They simply were losing profits which can get from other server, so seems like decided to stop here and improve themself somewhere else.

But it’s just my opinion as a someone who is on Dry Tree long time.

For me War system should be changed, in the last minutes the respawn should look like this 10:00 08:00 06:00 03:00

So the better team have enough time to wipe most of the players and still be able to caputre the base, otherwise is not enough time to full wipe and fast respawn inside castle gives too much adventage to defender so the attacker is not able to claim his win and losing.

Same thing will happen to Abaton that happened to Barri and countless other servers

1.Ferals move in
2.Ferals capture all towns
3.Ferals increase taxes in all towns except WW/EF
4.Bots come in ,prices go up
5.Collect gold ,sell to certain sites for cash
6.PvE players/weaker PvP players move away
7.Ferals move to new server …rinse and repeat
8.AGS stick their fingers in their ears and pretend it has nothing to do with them

Disgusting inaction by AGS on this front is why players stop playing and never come back.


I guess it’s OK to dream big :joy:

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pretty much nailed it.

You’re wrong, Dry Tree is still the high population server, Aaru second then Abaton is the third in term of population, numbers dont lie.
I hope abaton got unlocked so I can join my friends over there. have a nice day

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Some guilds dodged cause of egos when that went down.
Going to a neutral server is to settle that.

Bonzai is heading to Abaton and this was talked about before the move. No one is dodging anything.

Dry Tree is still the biggest server in world since like 4 months. There is no problem to get a OPR match from 10-11 am to 3 am.

I’m not sure if Bonzai will move. The only competition there is Parabellum, they fought for months. Server probably dies quick if Bonzai moves and Dry Tree is still bigger in pop.

They moved to Abaton because that is what locust swarms do.


so let me get this straight you get exact same conditions as in dry tree.
parrabellum vs bonsai war.
and once someone better takes the city there is no way for defender to lose?
thats f stupid to say the least.
that will take a week if that lol.
then wut .
what losing side gona do then?

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Thats been the problem with the war system since its inception - the defenders have massive advantage and could make it almost impossible to lose in some cases → it happened a lot.

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so let me get this straight you get exact same conditions as in dry tree.

Covenant imploded because of a lack of strong leadership. Dry Tree went to an unhealthy place because of this. There are many more competitive guilds on Abaton because it is the sum of two parts. The belief is that in conjunction with not proxying, server health will be a lot stronger.

This is the map for today. Ebonscale alone has swapped hands 3 or 4 times in the past week. It is not just bonzai/parabellum as you say.

i dont think so.
as soon as someone bit better takes over main city someone is going to implode lol.