Why play anything but great sword

Every single person on the dev team who had anything to do with the design of greatsword needs to be fired on the spot. From the person who originally came up with the design/idea, to the lead who signed off on releasing it.

This has to be the most cancerous addition of a weapon to any game I have ever played.


surprisingly the abilities of GS are okay, if the hitbox wasn’t overtuned like a 10metre tall thrope.


Not really, I should not be getting hit in full heavy pvp gear(2k phys resistance), from a frontal heavy attack, for 6k from a single attack.

Mmmmm you’re gonna have to show us that one. GS does have 15% armor pen but that sounds like a little much on a heavy and it was a frontal(non crit I’m assuming) unless the dude had hella mortal empowerment stacks.

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I just had an arena match where the bruiser was obviously using the GS, but the healer also had a GS off hand and so did the fire staff. :rofl:

The FS/GS ended the match with around 150k damage and they were using the GS to do damage sometimes, so I’m guessing the damage scales decently with few attribute points allocated.

With no Dex and no str the dmg is pretty meh. But it has a lot of utility.

I just did an arena match with a master 7 VG. I only had essence rupture + Stam upgrade and oblivion no upgrades. Boy was that fun.

you’re not getting hit for 6k from a single attack.
at best you get hit here with charged heavy3 and are fully rended. Even then you wont get hit for 6k.

It is a OP weapon but it is not used in wars, how is that?

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who said they are not? people are still adapting, but i’ve seen my share of gs skitzos in wars already.
hatchet/gs is insanely stronk at killing healers/lights

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Exactly at that but thats only thing GS is used for. No real bruiser should use it in wars. It is a small scale weapon really cause of very little grit, long animations that lock you in place. Overall very vulnerable with little synergy, very selfish weapon. Doesnt require a nerf.

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It’s a new addition… remember the amount of people switching to DK in World of Warcraft when it released or DH? Cancerous post imo.


who said anything about bruiser?

you do understand that wars are more then bruiser?


They are nowhere near ok. Look crosscut - it has 3 in 1 attacks. How one supose to dodge/block all 1? You can sure, but then you have no stamina vs 2 more skills + auto attacks. You see how stupid it is?

Weapon was designed to be op. But this is not issue. Issue is that on top of that it was designed by team that have no idea how other game mechanics works lol. So we have not jsut op weapon. but double op couse it does not work with dodging mechanic or blocking mechanic.

Normaly op weapon would just have tons of utilities build into weapon like GS does. But if on top of that it has insane tracking, insane leaping, crazy dmg and skills you cant block/dodge - i agree. Team who designed it should be fired.

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Crosscut is the easiest to dodge out of all GS abilities because it is so telegraphed. Use any movement skill to counter it, easy. Medium can dodge 4 times in a row too, 0 damage

Dude how many weapon do have movment skills that have shorter animation that crusscut? Are you for real? And this is just 1 skill. Others are also broken.

Nearly all? Crosscut is telegraphed and slow, especially the last hit. If you die to crosscut, you are bad.
Hatchet has distancing throw and feral rush, GA has charge, GS has relentless rush, bow has evade shot, firestaff has its dash, IG can just pop entomb, obv rapier has evade or fleche. Hammer just uses shockwave or any hard cc since crosscut locks you in animation.

All of those make u survive crosscut easily. Any good GS player doesnt even play it, its shit. Noob stomper.

Only weapons that can really die to that is spear, lifestaff or musket but be real, spear will use hatchet or bow on 2nd weap and ls musket will use rapier.

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Lets be clear, I am not advocating for GS or saying GS isn’t braindead + broken in simple terms.
It absolutely is.

But right now, the bigger problem is the melee changes and great sword hitbox
Combined these two,. just remove any agency of a ranged player should they get hit even ONCE.
If the hitbox wasn’t so laughably big GS abilities would be just like axe/hatchet i.e. 1 dodge and you’re out of its range.
crosscut won’t hit you after you dodge once.
relentless rush won’t slow you from china despite not hitting you.
skyward slash won’t hit you from Papua new Guinea and take your entire stam bar away.
Its just facts, great sword would have been okay compared to what it is right now if the hitbox wasn’t so intense. That hitbox allows a GS to chase you with 1 heavy, instead of using stamina.

again, tracking and leaping is the problem i.e. hitbox. Crazy damage? You see those in 1 hammer combo, 3 musket shots, bow’s penshot, flamethrower, icespike, vg blade. Every weapon performs nicely right now because of the insane damage creep. Damage would have been fine, if the tracking wasn’t so absurdly broken for the most braindead weapon.

If you give suggestions like ‘lets fire the team’, no one is going to take you seriously and this problem will persist until next patch.
Calm yourself, and just figure out whats the fastest way to resolve this. in priority

  1. Fix the Hitbox
  2. slightly tone down dodge translation changes.
  3. Maybe if possible lower the damage

Thats it. I don’t even agree with lowering the damage, since GS doesn’t hit as hard as its supposed to. But fixing the hitbox just resolves every single problem with GS.

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yep. How many people have to complain before this obvious issue gets resolves. It’s the New World Meta currently. METAs kill games. OPR, Arena, WAR has already become a Great Sword Zerg. FIX YOUR GAME , MAKE SMARTER CHOICES

Dude “you die couse you bad” was ok in first month of the game. Now only players who cant talk about weapon they play use this. Sry that you think weapon is not broken couse you will be suprised how hard it will be nerfed. Better start preparing for it.

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You are complaining about ability that isn’t even used by anyone competent. Near all weapons have means to counter it as i also wrote. If you can’t accept it then it is a you issue, not GS issue.