Why play anything but great sword

I liked her, she is being nice in PvE, but her appearance looks more like a club than a sword

With the BB it took almost 8 weeks until it arrived in the meta

To dodge crosscut you don’t need 3 dodges! If you choose the direction wisely one dodge is enough!

Weapon is so broken that all bad players i know from arena that did play many different builds and never did anything with any of them, now own on arena with GS + random. So yea…

Weapon designed by ppl who have no idea about game mechanics for ppl who have no idea about game mechanic. GJ amazon.

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Hatchet is arguably worse. Great Axe is pretty strong too.

Great Sword is counter-able. If you get caught you just need more time practicing against it.

…no. Its broken and needs a nerf, Its inevitable, they can nerf it asap or lose alot more people than they are already going to lose due to other factors. This is just the biggest issue current

I think a comment I saw a while ago was correct
“it’s not about whether this OP or not, it’s about someone finding something to complain about”

Dodge 3~4 times for ONE ability? how is that not op.