Why put the max trophy per house at 5 if you can just swap between them

Why does ags make us change trophy all the time without real reason, I just can’t understand it. If we can swap anytime just by going into our house and swap them why not just not put a maximum trophy per house unlimited, but make the perk work one time per house ?

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I think it was more of a Roleplay idea, put up your Enginering Trophy, and your Enginering Armor and eat your Enginering food to craft 1 bow.

Then you go back to the house in 3 different towns to change to a Harvesting Trophy, and put on your harvesting outfit and eat your harvesting luck food and drink potent potions and play a song on your instrument for faster gathering and then you go out and harvest some hemp…

God this was even annoying to write. Anyway, another “fun” idea from the devs but just more annoying work for the player.

Houses should be able to have 1 trophy slot of each.


Yeah, I don’t know why they don’t change that.

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And why make the armouring so much more expensive than the other one I know that jewel crafting take armouring trophy, but they are so much more valuable than the other one.

It made some sense at the start of the game where managing your azoth budget was quite a challenge and the fact that you can only place 5 trophies added to this challenge as you needed to plan ahead what you wanted to do when while considering the coodowns on your ports to your houses.

But nowadays it’s just annoying. I agree they should get rid of it and let us place all our trophies.

Or, let us hang all of them on the walls but only five can be active (through town’s buffs area).

At least this way we don’t have to be changing them constantly.

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I really don’t see a benefit to any type of gameplay limiting the amount of trophies you can use at one time… I understand capping uniques per house, so can only have 1 type per house… But forcing people to change only forces them to waste time or mess up a craft or do less dmg in an expedition.
I’m sure there’s other ways to get people to want to go inside their houses that’s engaging and enjoyable

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