Why PVP is based in gravity well?

Why i only see PvP when someone use gravity well?

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You must not pvp enough.


Because the meta is based on people fleeing infinitely from combat.


Because Grav Well is the most OP, overtuned CC in the game, and since all CC is spammable with no diminishing returns, the team with the most Great Axes wins.


Most pvp in this game involves taking a point making it easy to get g well and due to the large maps and many players it is difficult to spot someone flanking or notice abilities flying through the air.

GW is OP because the key Dev for weapons and balancing has stated in numerous Dev Update videos that his favorite weapon is the GA, not just because he was apparently a big role in the development, but because he really loves to play it. His sidekick said his favorite is the Hammer, so that explains why those two have been tops for some time.


news flash there’s more than 1 dev that plays the game, and not all them play 1 class ga/wh.

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not all devs have the same pull or authority.

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I remember when this was a running joke among people I played with, “the lead deverloper must be a great axe player lol, it has everything!”. . . Then he came out and said and it went from “this is funny joke about game balance being hard” to “this game is a joke” :clown_face:


I’m very aware there are more Devs that play, but if the head of weapons has a favorite weapon and that weapon is OP it stands to reason they may have some unconscious bias towards their favorite weapon.

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I honestly can’t stand that guy, he can’t see the forest from the trees. He clearly goes off raw damage data instead of a weapons impact.

ether he doesnt want to go through the work of figuring out the context or its his pet weapon and as such will always be broken like a DM that has gone mad with power.

and we all know how dnd games with a that guy for a dm ends.

and im going to lean towards the later considering all this raw data shows how little the musket is being picked and used but we dont see any proper adjustments or buffs.

meaning the people making balance decisions do not care.

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Yes, I have heard this myself, and I believe it, since there is no evidence to the contrary.

The DM that hides is rolls, claims he Nat 20’d you, and then tells you he’s going to do you a favor and let you be resurrected if you give up a skill. Yet the entire time we see the reflection of his rolls in his 4 mm thick glasses and know he actually rolled a 2.

That DM? Never met him.


i dont want to think less of the devs in this manner but all roads point to it.

i can only hope im proven wrong and that there are actual adults at the helm of amazons flag ship game.

because grav-well attracts everyone

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No, I don’t want to think less of the Devs either. I’m just at a point that after going on 17 months of changes and bugs, and bugs caused by fixing bugs, and more changes that don’t really fix some of the core issues or bugs, that something like this, where a Dev flat out admits he’s got a boner for a certain weapon, and that weapon is still OP, makes you lose a little faith in where things are actually going.


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