Why queues are so slow?

what is the max capacity for each server? How are people going to get in when no one will logoff during launch. Queue is barely moving.

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Max capacity for each server is 2k, so 75 eu servers means max of 150k, last i checked the game had over 300k players, idk how a company like amazon doesnt pay for bigger servers but ive been in a que for over an hour my position has dropped by 2, only 2071 more to go!

They’re slow because of two reasons.

First, players who are on have first-day excitement and want to play all day.

Second, those who need a break won’t log off because they fear they won’t get back on.

are the Ques really that slow? I’ve been in many game launches but I was hoping for a better performance from Amazon. Don’t they sell servers to other people? lol

Queues have always been slow.

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Just be glad you aren’t waiting on the “Utopia” Aus server… 25,000 queue.


People arnt leaving when they get in…simples…

I’ve been in 2 queues so far but since the restart I’ve been in one queue and down to 2396, I joined when it was low pop and zero queue ^^

I imagine the 2k concurrency cap is the design spec on the best servers they have. If they arbitrarily increase it, it could heavily impact game performance and cause other problems, like a shortage of wolves and so forth.

There’s a certain amount of computation and bandwidth that has to happen to support 2,000 players at the same time, and once that reaches the limit for the servers cpu, it’s going to get very bad, like the server skipping compute frames. You would swing at someone, and nothing happens.



the guys on Utopia need to wait two days to log in.

I am on Ganzir. It is only one day. Yet a little bit too much to wait.

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A website that tracks player count and in queue players as well as estimated wait time: https://newworldstatus.com/?

I been in a queue since 10, current Position: 1245

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