Why reinvent the wheel? Consider having better timers

The current system for timers is atrocious, there are currently more timers in this game then there are alarms for me to wake up for work in the morning on my iPhone. I’m not sure why AGS took this route considering the wheel was invented awhile ago with universal timers. It also is disheartening when you think your timer is reset and you’re in the middle of an elite run and BING BONG you’re not getting loot. Aside from the laundry list of timers, there is virtually no way to track your Chest timers because there is nothing in game to show you when you last ran it. Hope you have a good memory!

You have to currently worry about the following timers.

60+ Elite Areas

  1. Myrkgard
  2. Scorched Mines
  3. Upper Svikin
  4. Mangled Heights
  5. Maleovolence
  6. Eternal Pools
  7. Sirens/Forecastle
  8. Imperial Palace


  1. Phoenixweave
  2. Blisterweave
  3. Scalecloth
  4. Glittering Ebony
  5. Barbvine
  6. Wildwood
  7. Asmodeum
  8. Cinnabar
  9. Tolvium
  10. Runic Leather
  11. Scarhide
  12. Smolderhide
  13. Runestone

Tuning Orbs

  1. Amrine
  2. Starstone
  3. Siren (Queen)
  4. Monoecious (Spriggan)
  5. Protector’s (Avarice)
  6. Depths
  7. Dynasty
  8. Genesis
  9. Lazarus

Gypsum Orbs

  1. Obsidian
  2. Sapphire
  3. Emerald
  4. Citrine
  5. Amethyst
  6. Ruby
  7. Diamond
  8. Topaz

Spending the Gypsum Orbs

  1. Amulet
  2. Bow
  3. Chestgear
  4. Earring
  5. Footwear
  6. Fire Staff
  7. Great Axe
  8. Handgear
  9. Hatchet
  10. Headgear
  11. Ice Gauntlet
  12. Legwear
  13. Life Staff
  14. Musket
  15. Rapier
  16. Ring
  17. Shield
  18. Spear
  19. Sword
  20. Void Gauntlet
  21. War Hammer

Any non 60 elite zone

I’m sure I’ve missed some but I think the point was made. Please remove all of these ridiculous timers and put everything on a daily reset. 10:00AM? I don’t know… pick a reasonable time. Probably a lot easier to code as well instead of all of this nonsense.

Global Reset X time for > Gypsum, Gypsum Crafts > X Keys > All Elite Chest > All Epic/Legendary Craft Reagents

Weekly Reset X time for > X Keys

Please consider, I cannot be the only one that thinks this.


If you actually would read devblog for example… You would already have your answer aka theyre planning to make global cooldown resets. So everything resets on static timer daily/weekly. Let say at midnight for example,but its not high priority at the moment.
Its coming tho…


Aside from being snarky.

I’m assuming you’re referring to

  1. Change Gypsum earn cooldown timers from 22hrs to 18hrs just to give a little more leeway to people’s play schedules. In the future we want to build a global cooldown system to make it easy to coordinate this and other daily activities like crafting and faction missions, but that is a lower priority than server merges and other critical fixes, so this will not happen in the short to medium term

Hopefully other “daily activities” include every elite run known to the game. Nevertheless, appreciate the reply.

I use this in order to keep track of each thing
UPDATED → Here you have how mines are arranged
I hope it will help you as well, good luck :grin:
See you on Aeternum!

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But why was complicated what could be simple in first place? KISS principle was ignored.
Daily and Weekly reset timers been around for years in MMO’s.
All these timers have literally zero benefits, and are very annoying. Now we have to live with them until it’s changed…

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True. Though i kind of get personal timers if there was easy way to see them. Ie look at chest and you see timer over it and some window where you could see all crafting cooldowns and so on. Also they should be less than 24hours. More like 16hours or 18hours. even 20hours would be fine. You cant expect everyone can do exactly same time everyday same stuff. So if its 24hours. You are doomed to push it even few minutes (in ideal world) every day till you need to skip it because its too late. Expected that you can do it everyday exactly same time. which isnt realistic. Hence if it was on personal timer it should be shorter timer like that 18-20h or even 16h.

Then again simple global reset every midnight or so would be best and easiest option. Dont have to wonder when you get to do your stuff. You can just do them daily. No matter which time you play after midnight till next midnight.

edit: for example ive had to skip quite often chests or daily crafts because i couldnt play exactly same time everyday. If i did do them at the evening and then next day i only had time to play on morning or during midday for example. Then someday i could play at late evening and next day at evening, but not so late… so yeah. gl playing casually :smiley:

I agree the current timer implementation is annoying - if I complete some tasks late at night before logging off they’ll often still be on cooldown the next evening. The intention would seem to be that you can do these activities once per day - in which case it would seem sensible to reset timers at a fixed low activity time (say 4am local time for that server) and maybe have a minimum 4 to 6 hour cooldown to stop people doing them either side of the reset timer.

I feel like you could remove the second statement from your title and that would literally apply to the direction of this game.

AGS takes too much adderral and they end up overthinking and confusing the living shit outta themselves.

Just wait until you have a daily login cooldown, seems to be the way the design of this game is going, “this might be useful to players” “OK, then put a 24 hour cooldown on it, that’ll fix it”.

This really sucks…
If the code is decent, a small change would do it.
Either way, I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

This should have been implemented since day one and not even discussed. I’ve never played an MMO in my life where this isn’t a thing.

WoW is 17 years old game and they had a static reset time since day one. Seriously. Who thought that keeping track of what, 30 different timers is a fun and good idea? God forbid if I stay late on a Sunday night, only to realize that the next day I have to be online at e.g. 2 AM to do my cooldown because I made a mistake a previous day. That shouldn’t be a thing, ever.

Or to run to an elite chest in the middle of nowhere, only to realize it’s still on cooldown. Come on… This shouldn’t even be discussed, it’s common sense.

It is frustrating that these devs frequently create problems that have been solved in other games for over a decade. It would be nice if they could learn from the mistakes others have made.

No universal reset for timers and the lack of gearsets for example are two of my biggest pet peevs.

Absolutely same. I have all weapons leveled and I play literally every role and most builds. When I have to switch to a new set, I get depressed.

So absolutely, 2 QoL changes that are absolutely mandatory are:

  • Universal reset
  • Gear/Set management

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