Why remove report options

Any idea why you can’t report gold seller’s and bot any more ? they removed the option from reporting menu

I had noticed the same thing last night. You can still report them, just put it under Cheating.

Another player suggested they might have removed the RMT option because it was being abused and was possibly autobanning those with the report on it.

Lol auto ban I seen a bot outside ww go from a level 7 to 35 and it always chop wood
Report daily and never not there I don’t think they do anything about it

Dealing with bots is tricky and interesting. Not saying this as an excuse, just from reading blogs and info from games like Runescape and FF14 on how they track and handle them.

I will say after removing the Family Share on Steam helped (though I also understand it shafted many innocents too) in cutting down on the RMT and bots.

On my server, there are 3 players that are clearly bots fishing in one spot. They never move, never respond, always aim for the hotspot, and are leveling each day. There is no way they can continue doing that and not get kicked while fishing.

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