Why ruin the game's already murdered economy?!

  • Added a +10% Luck bonus and a +30% Gathering Luck bonus to players flagged for PvP.

What’s the point?! The prices of all rare resources will fall by at least 20% to 30%. Taxes will remain the same. Already hard enough solo PvE player to earn enough gold, now it will be even harder. Are you out of your mind - having lost more than 80% of the starting playersbase to introduce such nonsense? The economy of the game is already almost dead, you ruin it even more. Good thing about the active pvp-buffs need to turn off the bonus with the equipment on mining/gathering. Then it will be fair. The man remains in his PvP armor, but does not lose the buff for gathering luck.And leave the buff for luck.


You missed the best part

Rare Resources from Gathering Nodes

  • The short version is we had a couple of probabilities that were multiplying each other resulting in a near-zero chance of some already-rare items dropping. This combined with an issue that could make it next to impossible for an item to drop if your luck values were too high (not exactly how luck should work!), which translated into a “luck sweet spot” that you had to be in to even have a chance (that near-zero chance) at getting a drop.

The only thing that can save the economy is this:

hows it gonna ruin the prices when void ore/essences are still expensive af gems are not considered rare also 30% isn’t much 30% added to 1.8% is what 0.3% lol? jesus man

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How will it ruin the economy?

0.3 is 3 small trophies in 3 houses. It was after getting them that I dig 5 void ores in 2 days. Before that I couldn’t get them for 2+ weeks.

Luck in mining/gathering should not be changed imho. Regular luck, yes . Because the price of trophies and equipment mined from the chests / elite mobs 64 + should go down because they are too high, and a group PvE is not available to all. Gathering the resources - should remain a solo and not a group pvp on orichalkum spots

Why is that the best part?

You missed the addendum …

With this fix, things like Fae Iron, Voidmetal, Phasefiber, and Petrified Wood should now have an appropriate chance to drop after you reach a certain Trade Skill level.

Literally nobody cares about this because these mats are worthless.

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“things Like” and “rare items” sounds like void ore to me.

Well maybe. Its unclear to me based how they wrote it.

Why would they not include tier 5 materials in the examples if the t5 is affected too? Especially since nobody cares about the examples they gave.

Foreal I’d just completely remove luck from the game.

Exactly. Luck and watermark. Those are the 2 worst things for an mmo

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just flag pvp and u are part of the lucky guys?

resource extraction should remain what it is, and not turn into a forced pvp. Why force people into pvp?

u arnt forced its still rng …

30% luck is not 30% more drops. Its less than 3%. 30% luck is 3000 luck which gets added to your luck total plus 100,000. Just like a 3% luck gear piece is 300 luck. or the 2000 luck food.

No. Play BDO if you want that

If the developers thought it would be more logical to do so - for pvp players - passed outpost Rush - got the buff. For PvE players - passed the dungeon - got the buff . all! All happy.

You are so wrong…
30% luck (with how the luck works for gathering) now will double your chances of getting better drops.
Lets assume you have 600 GS pickaxe with 975 luck (let call it 1000).
And you will get 30% luck from PvP flag on.
That is difference in 1000 and 4000 luck to get void ore:

This means your chances for dropping void ore will almost quadruple.
So per 1000 nodes you will get 4x times more void ore.


I already wrote above . Developers are not right that to the peaceful solo profession screwed forced pvp. This is wrong and ridiculous.

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