Why so little fall damage?

I’m sure this is something that the vast majority of players are happy about, but personally, I think it trivializes terrain too much. You can fall from seemingly any height and never lose even half of your HP. I’ve jumped out of the very top of tall towers, and while the falling animation feels great, I land and am basically fine. It’s pretty normal for people on chest runs to just jump off of huge drops at times as short cuts to more chests, and I can’t imagine that’s what the designers wanted when they built such cool vertical locations, so what’s the point?

acctually u loose 50% of ur hp as maximum

Because in a fantasy game with magic… it’s just not real enough if falling damage is little.

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This is always kind of a cop-out statement. You can see from my post that I make no statement at all about realism but rather on how not having fall damage impacts gameplay.

I think it was just to keep the game light/fun and easy to explore

if its part of the lore, then it probably has to do with with how we’re all dead(?) sorta in the game anyway? I cant remember what the lore was specifically lol

Your armor gets damaged too.

That’s pretty cool if it actually is part of the lore!

Ah, well that’s a fair consequence, I suppose, although personally I seem to always be hitting the cap on repair parts even with repairing often.

Yep! I vaguely remember something about how things can’t truly ‘die’ in aeternum hence why we ‘respawn’ and so do the animals/mobs. And how we were supposedly/theorized to have died in the shipreck at the start of the game like Thorpe did and were considered ‘lucky’ that our minds were kept intact unlike the ‘lost’ who drowned and lost their minds…

IDK where I read this or how accurate it is but it makes sense LOL
Wheres the lore experts when you need them right??? haha

Oh yeah, the not dying part is definitely there! That’s talked about all the time in the quest dialogues and notes. I’m not sure I’ve noticed anything about being sturdier or something, though. I know in one of the Everfall notes, the writer is complaining about how they die and come back and so that’s not so bad but they’re always cold and there’s no escaping that so the cold is actually worse than dying.

Hahaha as a Canadian, I feel this
Being cold all the time SUCKS!

Thanks for the info! :cold_face: im happy to know my character is as frozen as me

That’s correct but I don’t know of any lore reason why you don’t die from falling. You should just splat into the ground like a pancake and then resurrect after a bit :slight_smile:

Jumping from a great height actually gives me a genuine feeling of vertigo as I plummet, so that works well, but it does feel odd that it does so little damage. I don’t think introducing realistic fall damage would improve gameplay though, it would just make it annoying to move around the map by forcing long detours. It might be nice to include some kind of magic animation as you fall or just before you hit the ground to explain how you are able to survive it though.

What’s the point?

Consider it a trade-off for having no mounts and having to run everywhere. I think being able to cut the run short by heading over a cliff is very welcome in a mobility challenged game.

As someone that has done a lot of walking in this game, I always found the fall damage to be kind of a joke. It’s a little weird, too, if you think about it. Going from low to high takes effort, while going from high to low just requires you to yeet yourself. This is also unfortunately coupled with a map that doesn’t distinguish the slope direction of cliffs.

I wouldn’t be disappointed if they increased fall damage. This could also potentially open up new gameplay mechanics. Needing/wanting “light fall” potions for certain scenarios / special instances.

I don’t see anything happening with this in the near/mid future though.

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