Why so many beautiful designs on gear we can't use?

There are a lot of beautiful designs on -590 GS gear, on gear with two perks (that will remain epic and won’t get a third perk on 600 GS) and on gear that will get a third perk if taken to 600 GS (but that will still remain epic) that obviously nodoby will wear because of low stats or lack of max perks.

And I literally mean A LOT of beautiful designs out there resting in our inventories or that we directly destroyed already.

Why doing this AGS? Why giving these unique designs to gear nobody uses?


Any gear you salvage should have a chance to be added to your “design options”… when you want to change the design of a given item, you take it to the outfitters or workshop, and then you can change it. Have it be a tiered model that requires certain mats to make the change….

While you’re at AGS… can you add in the “fuse gear” ability as well… so if you have Woodworkers and Weavers sets you can fuse them together so I don’t have to Fing carry around 50 sets of clothing to get the buffs?… I get you’d want some restrictions, but good lord why the hell don’t you just add in a fuse or combine option?


Yeah i think you should be able to use existing “design” of current armour, isolated from the perks, and just use it that way. Seems a no brainer to me.

Azoth is an exelnt use for transmog…


The new weapons from completing the dungeon quest are some of the best looking weapons I have seen to date. Unfortunately they are useless 500-510 GS. What a waste of beautiful design while we all use ugly gear because the stats are good.


I think transmog is very, very much on the docket. It’s basically been mentioned daily, multiple times, for the last few months.

Casyjones makes an amazing point: Azoth has very little going for it right now and transmog would fill its use out quite nicely.

What boggles my mind is that they recycle the same skins for named bis items. Like deeproot and Curiosity Greed… two of the best swords that everyone uses, identical generic skin, same exact color. Then I just got the new named hammer from Tempest… same exact skin as Fury.

Then I open the chest for completing the expedition and get a whole collection of garbage weapons I’ll never use with badass new skins lol.

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I collect the unique worlds BoP armors and they appear to drop in 3 tiers

Tier 1 ( everything is between 450-550 GS )

  • Avenging (heavy)
  • Fearless Spy (medium)
  • Archmage (light)

Tier 2 ( most pieces <590 Gs, some 590+ )

  • Harbinger Sets

Tier 3 ( most pieces are 590+, some <590 )

  • Corrupted Rage (heavy)
  • Highwayman (medium)
  • Augur (light)

Avenging (T1) is my favorite set but no pieces can be dropped at 590 or higher.

Corrupted Rage is my second favorite but you can’t even get the gloves anymore and previously could only get them as an exploit. Also the chest only drops in forecastle drift (lv63) and the highest GS drop I’ve had is 588.

I just want to rock my faction gear :frowning:

Hey there ViiKiingo,
Choosing between fashion and function is never fun. You are def not the first to mention these concerns, sure not to be the last either, and I will send this thread over to the developers so they can take a look at the feedback here.


I think it was as easy as giving fashion to function right from the beginning, instead of giving fashion to items, gear and pieces we won’t use for obvious reasons.

By the way, thanks a lot for responding and forwarding this thread to the Devs so they can check it and hopefully take action. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m positive a huge part of the community, if not everyone, would like this to happen.

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