Why so many shadow fixes?

Why are so many things being shadow fixed, but nothing is posted about them?

Can we get a list of all the shadow fixes. The only one I know of is the fishing one, so I would like to know the others. Thanks in advance!

The patch hasn’t gone live yet so what shadow fixes are you talking about?

Because as this post illustrates people bitch and moan about everything so why give people like you more ammunition.


You can no longer declare a war on a company that has a war against you. During Alpha and Beta this was a strat that was used pretty regularly that no longer works without any word on it.


They fixed lifestaff LA only healing sometimes last patch They probably shadow fix so it doesn’t look as bad on their part


Wtf are you talking about? I just want clarification. So before u post ur opinion get ur facts straight.

There was an issue with people boosting their lvls with the town board exploit fixed. (Which I’m glad they fixed) but just didn’t see anything on it.

And ofcourse some other stuff. But won’t say.

Seemed like last night also people were on the trade markets trying to lag out the server to exploit something. But not sure

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