Why so much hate with tanks AGS?

It’s not news that tanks have a secondary place in this game, even though it’s one of the fundamental archetypes of MMORPGs.

  1. Less attribute than everyone else

Sword users are bound to NEVER get a planned build with 500 attribute points with both weapons, 15 points will disappear when switching weapons. Which doesn’t happen with any other weapon and is extremely easy to solve (pass all attributes to the sword).

  1. Bad constitution passives

With the exception of the 200 point passive, all the others are either bad or very situational. The passive of 300 Constitution is a shame compared to the 300 strength.

  1. Extremely long CD

We depend a lot on our skills to increase our survivability, or even to maintain agro, however our skills have a very long cooldown (EX: 45s on defiant stance, 20s on shield rush), in addition to being for a short time.

Which makes us HIGHLY reliant on CD-lowering perk (Refreshing Move, Refreshing Ward) or abilities like reverse stab (which was nerfed in ptr). Which brings us to the next point.

  1. Few good drops.

Let’s start with the shield, which apparently we don’t have a good named legendary to drop.

About the swords, because of this need for the refreshing move, any weapon that doesn’t have it, becomes horrible. While lvl 60 DGs have amazing weapons for other classes.

But the worst thing is that with the coming of the mutations, it seems that NO heavy armor has constitution. It’s okay that it has the strength that drops from the lazarus expedition, but still, it’s not for a character based on constitution. That’s why I didn’t even get into the issue of accessories that drop from DGs.

Anyway, I’ve been a tank since the game’s launch and I see a lot of potential in this game, but one thing is obvious, tanks need more attention from developers.

Please DEVS listen us!


I posted about this ages ago and as usual AGS ignores all these posts but will reply to a post about people wanting hippo’s in the game…

  1. Less attribute than everyone else

Sword users are bound to NEVER get a planned build with 500 attribute points with both weapons, 15 points will disappear when switching weapons. Which doesn’t happen with any other weapon and is extremely easy to solve (pass all attributes to the sword).

Please fix ty, gogo @anydeveloperwithfingersandkeyboard


Maybe in the Game design team, but not in the game. Tanks make or break expeditions. Bring a healer with a tank in OPR, try to kill the tank. :wink:

I agree with most of your points, I find it hard to find a BIS sword and BIS shield. Or how the attributes are split between sword and shield. What if I want to use the sword alone, without a shield, to be able to dodge more? Not as a tank, but as a Sword user. You only have 15 points, not 28-29.

But I doubt it’s only the S&S users that are limited.

For CDs, there are so many ways to circumvent that! Backstab, Refreshing move, Refreshing cooldowns, 1% when dodging, when hit 5 times, etc…etc… I think the tank to be the class to be able to use the most often his skills. It’s not even close to other classes.

I think the S&S users lack pizzaz, yes, due to be able to be bounced around like pinballs, no Thorns, no block as 3-person wall, or crouching with a shield to avoid 90% damage.

That would add so many variety with S&S users, not just for tanks.

But the game is not even 5 months old… I just want AG to confirm they have plans for us.


I see several posts of this type and unfortunately we continue to be ignored


I agree with some points.

right. tanks and the ability to aggro is one of the keystone classes in any expedition. try tanking cilia as a dps.

its bad.

but. for the case of PvP there is no possible way to make aggro work in a non tab game.

the only thing i can think of to make a tank do its job (CC, force people to focus or stay on you) would be to add the purple chain ghost aoe stun zone. its fair in that it only triggers if someone tries to run away, otherwise you force them to fight you.

sure its going to be annoying in a choke but thats kind of the point of a tank.

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Man, same options as the other weapons but our cooldowns go up to 45 seconds!

We’re considered useless in any form of PvP and that’s pretty annoying. Hopefully they tweak our weapon.


Two main fixes needed for PvP specifically:

  • Shift all attributes to the sword
  • Increase shield bash distance by 25% - 50% so that it’s not only bashing foes directly in front of your face.

To fix PvE:

  • shift all attributes to the sword
  • decrease cooldowns by 15% across the board.
  • 250 Con increases taunt time by 50%

The SnS is actually a legit weapon when you have all of your abilities up but there are some collision issues with the sword light attacks and shield bash specifically.


or simply apply an AOE debuff. When you give an agro skill with carnelian, in pvp, apply some effect like:
speed reduction
damage reduction
resistance reduction

The possibilities already exist as mechanics in other skills, just want to implement it.


That’s why I didn’t even mention our problem in dropping mob items, since we don’t give dps


I agree, especially about the shield rush skill. In addition to the distance, her problem is that the character makes a slight retreat, which takes away her function as an approach skill. Not to mention that it could be like the GA or fire staff dash, a directional skill.

I was referring to Shield Bash, not Shield Rush.

i feel like that will make enemies want to run away instead of directly fighting which defeats the purpose of a tank (forcing someone’s engagement) if they can just walk away then it doesn’t really work.

i still think defiant stance should create an aoe arena that keeps people in.


oops, my mistake. But I also agree with your suggestion.

it can be, but that would be very difficult to balance in pvp. people already complain about not having any mechanics to avoid a stun chain, imagine if have a skill like that.

because of that, I think my suggestion is more viable, especially because it’s a way for the tank to add utility to the team


i guess tanks could do with a shield grav well. (one way pull so you can ether commit or try to dodge roll away)

though i feel more people complain about dodge roll spams which a stun arena would be more useful against.

i dunno. a lot of stuff needs work overall. not just tanking.

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I play tank for dungeons. We run M9 gens <30min at 622-623GS.
Couple of points:

  1. 250/250 works best to get 250s stamina perk. You want leadership perk for rest of team to get 10% damage bonus. I do around 2k light damage (and around ~3k crit, ~5k heavy crit backstab on bosses) with 2 basic and 1 major, t5 coatings and a honing stone.
  2. You dont need to use asmo to roll 590 shields with 3 perks that can be upgraded with shards. (I used the weaponsmith kite shield for ages.)
  3. Sturdy and refreshing are only two shield perks needed. Threat from passives and jewelery.
  4. Plagued strikes and the heavy rending perk are best for crafted swords if used PVE. Or curiousity greed from Laz for PVE if after a drop (or the Dynasty sword for PvP).
  5. Hatchet with carn and hated is best for off weapon as berserk has fastest cooldown for AOE taunt. I used a pure con. Relying just on main weapon is a waste of time (literally). Taunt and switch back. I used spear for first round of mutations but hatchet much better.
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truth. There are several points that could be improved.