Why so much hate with tanks AGS?

Can’t remember the name of the game, but taunt in pvp would actually force other players to look at the tank for maybe .5 seconds.

I’d like to see Defensive Formation’s radius extended by 1m and it’s CD reduced to .5s.

Not having a lot of damage isn’t problematic if the defensive abilities and resistances are increased slightly. This is especially warranted in pvp. Being able to offer that 30% damage resistance to healers or advancing team members would be terrific.

At minimum the extension of DF’s radius to include more teammates would be very useful.

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this made me laugh :slight_smile:

I posted kinda same thing we got 0 lootable set
we only have to buy or make our set
we got no potions for tank (more armor or ,)


why so much hate with tanks?

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i fight for tanks therefore i am

One thing that would make life better for tanks is for Shields to drop as frequently as they are intended.

I have found two bugs in the datamine that prevents shields from dropping from mobs:

And prevent shields from dropping in Elite Chests:

Please let ags know in those bug reports that its important to you that shields are received as a reward.

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ty <3


We need to know developers have taken tank issues into consideration and are planning to address them.


thanks for the help!

Any recognition from staff would be nice. Don’t ignore tank problems.

Never made sense to me why the 300str passive isn’t instead the 300con passive…




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back up we goo

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Because constitution is a split stat everyone uses. The 300 str passive can only be used by melee weapons. Making a shared stat between mages and melees helpful only for melee users would not make sense…

in fact, since grit is only activated by melee weapons and is a defense buff (gains stagger resistance), it would be more logical to be at 300 con. So, in addition to having a defensive buff in a defensive stat, you would allow all melee weapons to take advantage of that. Rapier and spear don’t have str as their primary attribute, so con would be a more “generic” attribute. In addition to serving as a balancing act, you give up more damage for more resistance.

300 str, should boost your damage even more. You gave up defense to take damage, so it’s fair that the passive would give more damage to your character.

Gave up health Not defense… defense would mainly rely on your armor build.

I just don’t get this argument though. So you would be a tank with Grit, with only a wet noodle for a weapon… Why have grit if you are swinging a wet noodle? Makes zero sense to go for 300 con grit unless you were tanking for a dungeon or something…

Health over damage = makes sense. I’m pretty sure they are not saying because we have this much health our defense should be high.
LA, MA, HA damage absorption doesn’t make sense especially heavy. Now you combine the health with the defense and we’re still shredding to pieces because the game doesn’t know how to balance when the changes come in then yes it’s a problem.

Trust me if i could wield duel shields I would because again we don’t do damage what’s the point of swinging a sword when i can beat someone with a shield or my fist. And grit would be good for a tank have you swung at someone with grit?

Grit- Grit is a type of ‘attack’ (yes it says attack) that makes players temporarily unstoppable (so last man standing vibes) as it prevents short staggering when a character is hit (say it louder for the tanks in the back) which normally interrupt your attacks and other actions . This is indicated by a white or gold aura, (if you hit them they are not effected) a glowing effect that appears around a character when they’re about to use Grit (yes).

If a tank or any frontline has that in con what would be a changer.

This ability can be crucial to your character’s success in both PvE and PvP as players will face a barrage of incoming attacks which can interrupt your actions. Moreover, you can use your Grit ability to prevent your opponents from blocking your attacks.


sorry i overestimated your understanding ability. “survival”, maybe it would be easier for you to assimilate.