Why so much hate with tanks AGS?


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So uh, I’m sorry to tell you guys. You’re just building your gear the wrong way. Tanks are very strong in their roles in PvP AND PvE. You probably don’t have refreshing wards/rfe/ref on any of your gear. Nothin. A tanks strongest friend is right click. A tank isn’t meant to do damage. A tank is meant to Absorb damage. Use your brain.

damn, how did you manage to see my set to come to that conclusion?

But I regret to inform you, my set is full refeshing ward and sword with refreshing move and my opinion about tanks remains the same.

for those who don’t play competitively, maybe your opinion can be true.

what right click? the one that gets destroyed by one heavy attack?

This is so wrong what you say

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Refreshing ward definitely needs to proc off blocked attacks as well. I think this may be an oversight.

definitely would make things more fair.


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New day, new bump


bump, and also to add on march patch we have new perk on ARMOR, to make tanks die even faster. We are already like wet noodles being thrown around stunned/staggered slowed to death by all enemys while taking massive damage and unable to return any. And now there is a new way to kill tanks faster?

Please respond and gather our feedback from this thread, we need action on tanks state in this game ASAP.


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Give us legendary shields pls :slight_smile:


not to mention that light and medium armor gained exclusive passives when dodging, while heavy armor didn’t gain any exclusive perks.

I’ve been a tank main in several MMOs and New World provides by far the worst tank experience of them all.

AGS should completely rework them. They need perks or traits that gives them ~2x more health than any other class at the cost of ~2x reduction in damage. They need more reliable taunt abilities. Better crowd and boss control abilities; tools to control position of enemies. More damage mitigation abilities (actives, not just passives).

It’s like you can do some of the above at the cost of others, so can never achieve a great tank build. For example, you can go full con for max health, but then holding enemy aggro and getting kill credit in big groups is almost impossible.

Feels like AGS wants to give players more flexibility in build crafting, but this is coming at BIG costs to the fun factor of tank and healer players coming from other MMOs. (Yes, healing is also incredibly lacking fun and diversity in NW, but I won’t get into that here).


recently started tanking (since our company and it appears the ENTIRE server has a shortage of it)

the bosses need to chill with those un aggroable abilities and phases.

ether those abilities that drops aggro to swing at a healer or something needs to be more about CC instead of pure damage or they need to do it less often and not chain them.

(IE. isabella sends a laser towards someone doing the monolith them immediately dive bombs them. like wtf.)

I cant speak for others but my input is targetted at actual tanking. I.e. pve. Pvp has never and will never have tanks, they have a wasted dps slot that cant dps and soaks a little more damage before dying.

it only ever worked in tab clickers or in the example of overwatch big fat shields.

honestly if they added phalanx to SNS tower shield we could see some better tank plays in various pvp settings.

it stops ranged dps and cannot be ignored by a component team.


meh, abilities that are “untankable” have been a think in all MMOs - keeps the rest of the team on their toes. Getting RNG’d to where you are getting multiple of these back to back is just bad luck.