Why so much hate with tanks AGS?

Agreed, I lost count of how many times I had to “re-spec” a second time because I forgot I had sword and shield equipped and the attributes changed after I switched to my secondary weapon.
There is no good drop from mutations and we have the second hardest job to do with not ideal equipment, the only “advantage” is that we don’t need to expend umbrals to lvl up a specific weapon for each mutation.

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Disagree - the Chardis set + Curiosity, Greed is more than sufficient for tanking anything. Armor set has 2 BiS perks + str (and once every 3 weeks a 3rd solid perk), sword is pretty much BiS - I’d drop hated for refreshing move but other than that solid.

As for umbrals we have to upgrade 3 weapon types and a shield (at least for me, sword, hammer, hatchet) - dps can just drop a new gem and call it a day.

That’s all tanks do, they have no other benefit

you sound like you wake up in the morning to be prejudice specifically towards tanks


Prejudice would mean that what I’m saying is not true and based off personal belief. What I am saying is 100% true

Doubt *

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Well your doubt is wrong. Sword and shield is not a viable pvp character, however you very small few want to try to act like they have some kind of benefit.

:speak_no_evil::open_mouth::open_mouth: what in tarnation


i see

hell yea dude

Sure edit things to something I didn’t say to make your point. Guess what? You’ll see that tanks continue to have no application in pvp and ags will not change that fact

the funniest part is that i didnt need to edit.

all i did was shorten both sentences and put them together.

remember pemdas?

were you a spokes man for kanye?

what else do you hate but speak in convoluted ways about?

EVERYONE loves tanks.

Shortening both sentences is editing no one cares about tanks, including ags

is called helping you make an impact when speaking.

using less words to communicate helps get your point across faster.


is an opinion.

thank you ladies and gentlemen. goodnight.


obvious trolling attempt …move on



omg, this makes so much sense!!!
Strength weapons are bounded to 300 str for too long, this would bring the game a good diversity of builds!
Not just 300 str/dex/int/focus + 200 cons builds everywhere.


I think not, kiddo


Also rework on the 250 passive.