Why so much hate with tanks AGS?

I’ve always thought that the Str/Con 300 perks should be switched.

It makes more sense for a tank to be uninterruptible.



Yes, and scale damage for S/sh from CON. Does not have to be high scaling but atleast 0.5

most of the claims to tanks in pvp described here are complete bullshit. do you need aggro in pvp? force players to hit themselves and not dd. bash, root, block the approach path, obscure damage, do everything to be a thorn in the enemy’s ass, this is the essence of the tank in pvp. no high-level war is complete without tank debuffers, in the current Meta you won’t take a single point without tanks. I often see useless masturbators with a tower shield on the OpR, they don’t provoke enemies with their behavior, they stand the fuck, understand where and wait for them to be noticed after the defensive stance is pressed. This is ridiculous! play the game with your eyes open gentlemen. I will only subscribe to the requirement to provide the full attribute of the sword and the leaping stike fix, everything else is in your hands.

The people being anti Tank are scared because of the current patches. I play Tank and I love Tank that is all I do I find it disturbing you folks don’t think we’re needed in pvp and all there needs to be is a bunch of damage dealers that just stun lock and kill each other. We break that factor however the game does not give us the tools to be viable like we should be. If your saying we’re not needed then there needs to be a “change” so we are. How can we perform well in opr yet not in wars? No damage taken leaderboard for us who are always at the bottom totem pole or nothing while the rest climb. The game obviously didn’t think about us from the jump and we’re letting them know we are here. Sometimes supporting does not mean you are at the top I have helped many healers/dps escape or get kills how dare someone say we are not a factor some Tanks don’t have to were capes our struggle is under appreciated and undeserved for what we do. Also Clearout needs to be looked at it is a good knock back and it does not work at times because of grit or whatever people are running around in while everyone else is able to proc their skills just fine.

-Tank supporter

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As someone who leveled to 60 as a tank and dabbled with it in pvp there is no reason to be a tank for any reason other than sitting on a point holding block and praying your team wins their fights. Tanks have little to no utility when it comes to pvp. They have nothing to add other than their block button. Give tanking weapons more love when it comes to skills/passives. I had some ideas to buff Sword and Shield so I’ll list them here.

The attributes is getting fixed in the next major content patch so thats getting skipped.

Defiant Stance: Give the skill an AoE weaken of 20% This would increase the value in having the tanks on the battlefield and help fight some of the “clump meta” we are currently experiencing.

Shield Rush: Change from a pushback and stagger to a knockdown. Increase lunge distance by 3 meters. Make it uninterruptable and go the full distance.

Whirling Blade: Increase the rend to 15%. Increase its radius by 1 meter.

Reverse Stab: Change the hitbox to a 1 meter cone. When transferring debuffs, refresh the timer of the debuffs when applied to the enemy.

Change 250 con passive to: While above 85% HP take 60% less damage


these suggestions are really good!

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Especially Defiant stance

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it’s so sad when you use taunts and mobs still ignore u. like wtf man. they should at least work on that for pve. its so hard to keep aggro.

Honestly you have more survivability as a light armor user than as a heavy armor tank


if it’s already like this, imagine when the new perks for light armor arrive

Don’t count on it

let me have hope kk

hopium lol were all high on it

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It sure does feel like tanks are second class citizens and ignored tome too. Exactly right about our cd’s too. Dex and Int get chased around and bleed out tanks over time without much a tank can do about it.

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Can’t remember the name of the game, but taunt in pvp would actually force other players to look at the tank for maybe .5 seconds.

I’d like to see Defensive Formation’s radius extended by 1m and it’s CD reduced to .5s.

Not having a lot of damage isn’t problematic if the defensive abilities and resistances are increased slightly. This is especially warranted in pvp. Being able to offer that 30% damage resistance to healers or advancing team members would be terrific.

At minimum the extension of DF’s radius to include more teammates would be very useful.

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this made me laugh :slight_smile:

I posted kinda same thing we got 0 lootable set
we only have to buy or make our set
we got no potions for tank (more armor or ,)


why so much hate with tanks?

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