Why this game is so laggy?

  • it has the double of latency of any other games i play in the same location (im playing from Brasilia the servers are in Sao Paulo. any other game i get 30 ms, new world its a constant 60-70, why?)

  • being in-game a bunch of times it randomly spikes, ripostes bugs like its losing packages and the animation repeats freneticly and dodges 50% shows some kind of latency bug.

i see almost no one speaking about it here and its super annoying.

can someone from AGS explain me hows that? it only happens playing NW.


LMAO they’re gonna direct you to the arbitrary lag fix post which is basically:

1 - Use a wired connection;
2- Restart your router;
3- Get Wrekt.

No one even talks about the horrid input latency that gets compounded in on top of the lag spikes xD



I actually had to quit yesterday because lags were unbearable. I had my char teleporting back in time over and over again, same with other ppl I tried to fight.
Its not like everyday problem, but it appears from time to time.

ya bro.

its wired and i already restarted stuff like many times. thats sad.

it affects dramatically the gameplay

It should NEVER be a problem when AGS literally has the ability to contract with a sister company (AWS) for proper servers.

Yup, honestly I don’t know what to tell you apart from “That’s New World”.

I think it’s because not many have this issue. I’m not saying you’re lying, I completely believe you, but it’s just not common. I’ve never experienced lag in NW.

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles.

Riposte sometimes bugs out where the 2nd animation fires off repeatedly and you are just stuck there stuttering like an idiot.

As for the latency, you are right. It sometimes happens randomly after the game has been running for some time. You get this weird input lag and mouse-acceleration kind of “heavy” feel, and controlling the character’s movement feels like your character is running around with sandbags tied to his/her feet.




its old, they didnt changed anything from it.

It is extremely common.

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This… I only have 100 latency (playing on an East server from West Coast) and I CANNOT heavy attacked a shield player holding its shield moving backward. I BUG OUT and RUBBERBAND back to where I initially started my heavy attack charge-up animation and NONE of my hits registers (no stamina damage nor any damage registering). Disappointing.

I’m not above being wrong. I just don’t hear or read about it often.

Yup same here. I’ve had game-killing lag for over a month. My ping to a UK location is sub 30 most of the time yet “red” to the EU servers and latency often spikes over 100ms (averages around 70ms when it’s “stable”, which isn’t often).

Whenever input latency spikes, the game decides I am not allowed to do whatever it was I was trying to do at that moment. So, in storage? Blank out storage (have to reopen). Trying to craft? Nope, you’re not allowed now, you have to reopen it or it’ll just boot you off. Trying to use the TP? Nah, not allowed. BANG, reload the whole window and any transactions will now fail. You must reload. Oh, that’s a nice chest. I bet you’d like to loot it right? DENIED! I’ll cancel it partway around the circle of doom and you will just have to keep trying until it works. How about that tasty harvest node? Yehno, not happening. Keep trying while I glitch you constantly, though. That’s fun! Simply want to run from point A to B? Haha, ok dude. Enjoy skipping, warping, frame cancelling and glitching while you do that.

This has all been happening since 1.0.3 for me. It calms down during quiet times but is generally always there (as in, if I enter a craft station, it will 100% glitch out eventually if I wait for 10-20 seconds maximum, rarely longer).

The game’s netcode is extremely highly-strung and seems to enjoy denying access to most functions in the game unless you have a rock-solid connection. And I mean, mine isn’t that bad. I’d expect a little delay once in a while but not absolute denial of activity.


Got it figured out for you

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Whats funny about this is that its more laggy on low pop servers than it was when servers had queues. Go figure.

Most don’t post about it because we’ve been dealing with it since launch and are tired of complaining tbh. Watch streams of wars or Outpost Rush or myrkgard runs. All group content has been a sideshow at some point on this game.

They’ve improved performance but stuttering is still an issue and opr’s/myrk seem to be the worst offenders atm with lag. Myrk is still a slideshow at portals.

I’m on Valhalla. Maybe server pop dif?

in my case im in the most populated server of my region. always full pop (2k) primetime. devaloka

What is weird is that I have been playing since launch and have had lag maybe 3 times total.

I think the game is extremely unfriendly to pings of 100ms or more. I play with 120ms and constantly encounter rubber-banding (e.g. I have found that fighting wolves generally causes a lot of rubberbanding) and stuttering (e.g. when taking damage).

I have seen streamers that play with 40ms and their game and animations run buttery smooth, nothing like what I experience in mine.

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