Why this PvE player does not care about your luck

Because generally speaking I will still never be interupted during harvesting, I’ll never take on repair damage (outside of my tools) due to someone murdering me, and if I’m being perfectly honest I was never attempting to min/max my harvesting luck in the first place. Hence I have no reason to care or complain until I do. IF I do however, it will legitimately be as simple as throwing on whatever luck bonus gear I feel like wearing and going about my harvesting day without fear of others and – perhaps more importantly – need for protection by others.

So yeah… that’s about it really. My life in NW is unchanged. I was never competing with any of you before and I still won’t be now.


Yay, someone that gets it! Kudos to you, good sir!

Only thing is, the things you gather through luck will decrease in value

And what do you suppose I assess the value of the things I gather as actually being?

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