Why we need mounts

My legs get tired chasing down “pvpers” that like to just run away.


Then they’re just going to run away on mounts??


Just have people dismount on hit

Sike getfo the forum with this bs and go play more than 10 minutes get some gap closers and cc before crying.

No we don’t. Just gather stuff while you walk.
The map is not that huge, you can walk between cities in minutes.

They might add it when they will expand the map in future expansions.

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I only liked one persons idea I saw posted on this topic. Let you have a donkey that follows you around but makes you SLOWER but increases your load capacity. Ideal for gather/miners etc.

OK, for folk who haven’t been on the dozen versions of this forum which got scrubbed over time.

This horse thing… it’s been done to death. We don’t need horses.

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is the 1st day… be patient…

Yea and make it shared by the party and you must be flagged for PVP and some matts drop on death.

lmao i love this response

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