Why we whine but do nothing

This is sort of a question that answers itself really with the way everyone ingame chat and in the forums is acting…

Why do WE including myself WHINE about every issue but don’t actually provide something positive to make things better???

Well here is your chance sign the petition and make a diference!

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I thought they already mentioned somewhere they plan on doing a pts before they add new content but after they iron everything out.

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@Vehementi so yes they vaguely mentioned it, but question is do you want to play test exploits and bugs on a LIVE server, or would you rather have a PTR that does that before it impacts CORE gameplay???

Besides they are giving us a PTR alot of us are constantly bug hunting for them and replicating steps to help them. Our company even has a bug bounty setup.

Other than providing feedback and assisting with bugs, not alot we can also really do.

Just keep in mind alot of players are just here needing a good vent, they love the game and are just upset or angry and they have a good reason to needing a good vent here as well.

Because those gamers are big whining babies who are over-cumbered with ignorance and still live in their parents basement? Just a guess… :laughing:

There isn’t really enough content to test using a ptr at the moment though. It’s why they are waiting till launch bugs are done with.

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