Why would someone trade a territory?

On Xilbaba there is a covenant company we will call Placeholder. Like some larger companies they have a sister company with a similar name called Placeholder Blxck. They also have Placeholder Green which is a marauder company.

When I transferred to the server last week, Placeholder Green took Everfall from Placeholder. Now Placeholder is taking it back. My question is what is the benefit of this other than to make it clear that they run the map? Why not just choose one side and make the map that color like in alpha?

I saw someone with Placeholder Purple company tag today, so I can only assume they are going to continue to trade the territories since no one can oppose them since they are all decked out in voidbent.

Insight is appreciated.

It’s easier to destabilize a territory the longer a company holds it, I believe-- so swapping resets the mechanic on that.

I could be mistaken tho.

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