Why would you do this to the trading post

I would like to say this is the stupidest thing you guys have done. for some of us, trading post is a gold maker. if i was smart enough to go and sell something in a settlement that didnt have that type of material for a profit for a higher rate, you just ruined my game play fun, because now the prices will b level and lower because you can buy from anywhere. yes i am level 60, but even when i was lower level - i either traveled to the settlement, gathered it myself or did without. so because people said they couldn’t afford to fast travel(azoth issues) you decided to make trading open,when you could hv raised the azoth cap. there are ways to get azoth easily, hv a tool that you can get azoth with. game changer for me.

Now the sales put up from Botters with 10,000 of one item that bricked prices in only one town can screw the whole game world…

Thx dev’s, maybe you might wanna play your own game sometime.

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