Why wouldnt they add name changes?

I have read so many people wanting to be able to make a name change… Doesn’t Amazon understand they would only increase the money the game would make by implementing that ?
I personally hate the name I picked and I quit a while back like a lot of others also did but for myself I dont really want to go back till the name change happens … id rather not play the game then play with that character and to start over is just discouraging … so I really hope someone at Amazon sees this and figures out it will only be a beneficial for everyone … Its a no brainer come on AMAZON!

So people can scam and get away with it? Or so they can name their names stupid things, only to change it a month later?

No thanks

Who cares if someone pays for a name change every other month ? scam what ? how does it hurt you ?

put a 30 or 60 day cooldown on changing your name and make a “previously known as” besides your name for that cooldown and everything would be fine

and anyway scammers can just change servers and keep scamming so a name change would do anything

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