Will AGS pledge to refund legacy players if fresh start servers become the majority?

A lot of us do not want to make new toons. If legacy servers die as a direct result of the decision AGS made, can we get refunded?

EDIT: I have posted the solution AGS wanted. AGS would rather reward someone who “left 3 weeks after launch” to go play “better pvp mmos lol”




Preemptive complaining


no they gave you a free character slot, multiple free server transfer tokens and a variety of free and limited skins throughout your playthrough. you’ve gotten plenty of freebies for a low box price.

if you’re telling me there isn’t 1500 of you per region to make a server then ye you really weren’t that important to begin with.

attend to the masses not the niche isn’t that how the logic has been here all along?


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I didn’t get an option to get a refund when AGS completely changed the game against my playstyle. So you shouldn’t either. Next time you play an MMO, don’t no-life it.



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Im just looking for a good reason why, after a year of FSS, characters on legacy servers can’t transfer to them. What are you so scared about?

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Fresh start players don’t want it and AGS has said they wont do that. But AGS always reserves the right to change its mind. So just because not now doesnt mean never, even when they say never in a blog post.

Can you explain why You don’t want it?

i never said i dont want it, i said players dont want it. They dont want any of the inflated money or assets coming into the game. Thats the stance players wanted AGS to take and it was an easy layup.

Now in a year will that really matter, no and maybe AGS will change its mind. But if it doesnt what does it matter, there is a free character slot waiting for you and leveling is easy.

You really honestly believe that dupes from a year ago has any effect on the legacy servers of today considering the billions of gold that has been generated on them in legit ways? The gold from the exploits was a drop in the bucket compared to the massive amount of gold produced through farming in a years time. So in a year, when FSS have generated billions of gold from farming and there is no difference between servers, why are you so scared of my character?

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ugh the shell company changes are on the PTR already and if PTR pushes to live in a month as they usually do then it will be at most 3 weeks of the current system which really isnt that much time especially since cities at the start are gold sink during their upgrade phase and players being strong enough to win invasions.

If anything established companies that can upgrade the cities and defend invasions early will be a boon to them just moments before the mechanics are shifted away from their favor.

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In a years time FSS economies will look just like legacy servers… so why will you still be scared of my character?




Not as long as you have the option to create a new toon. Whether you want to or not is your choice.

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This is why FFXIV’s community is nice.
People are used to come and go every other 6months or even every other year.
Some of the best players I’ve met literally leave the game after 3-4months, or play exclusively in statics where pugs won’t ever see them.
At least in that game besides maybe some parsers understand that it’s just a game.
The moment destination becomes a obsessive thought or showing off you’re just fooling yourself.
Noone cares about you. If you delete your character tomorrow. Noone will rly bat an eye. It’s a game.

Dupes aren’t even the issue, and I could repeat why people want FSS but we already had that a million times.

Some part of this games longtime community is this games biggest drawback and potential riskfactor for no success.


The real question is, why are you afraid of making a character on the FSS? Weren’t you the one saying gear and wealth didn’t mean anything in this game? If that’s the case, what issue do you have with fresh start servers taking over legacy servers?



It’s so weird man. Thinking “I played longer than you, so I’m entitled to my opinion being more important” like no. Also I too have thousands of hours and I disagree with you, now what lol.


minus the massive inflationary bloat of multiple servers merging together. Thats without dupes and bots. Just straight up take the raw amount of gold generated from live launch up until just now and compare fresh servers with its total of 4 per region perhaps a few more who knows simply wont have the same level of gold generation.

oh and housing holiday massively inflated gold into all those server economies as well.

yall are literally trading above gold cap for BIS and running solo company banking toons on a 500k gold cap less than a year after launch.

The economies will look the same after a year? what are you possibly thinking.