Will i ever be able to world transfer to delos?

hi, currently playing on eridu, but im missing out on alot of content in the game, its very dead, nobody doing pvp or excavations, im just bored on it and wanting to tranfer to the higher popular world (delos) but it wont let me transfer to it just says currently unavailable and its been like that for a while now…im just at a crossroad of wanting to play but find it hard to enjoy my time. cheers.

Hello @Kahuna welcome to our community!

Unfortunately there is no way for us to tell at this moment. On our page New World Server Status it says that Delos is Full and character transfer is unavailable, the reason for your error is just that the server is full.

My advice will be to check the Server Status but there is no way to tell when it’s going to be space on it since it depends on players, actually there are queues to enter those worlds so I do know that it’s hard to transfer.

Thanks for understanding, and let me know if I can help with anything else.

appreciate the info, although i do check the population and it says “MED” but still the same thing, i guess ill just have to wait,

cheers for the info

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I have 2 friends that purchased the game coz I invited them, they are on Eridu and is now bored with the game. :joy:

mate, its a bland experience…spend upwards of 40 minutes trying to find a group for gen runs,

i might have to go to US servers.