Will i get a PM from the administration?

I would like to replace 1 character with place 2, I can’t do it myself because the token doesn’t allow me.
I have one character for abaton and I want to put it on a barri and a character with a barri on abaton

What’s holding you back from getting Character A to the state of B and vice versa?

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time when making a transfer, i.e. 30 days or 60, it is at the moment, it seems that you have to delete the character to play on another with friends

I meant what makes A different from B and why can’t you achieve on A what you have on B?

I have everything on character A and I don’t have time to play on 2 characters and I wanted to give the 2nd character to another server because maybe someday there will be more time and character A prefers to play with friends

In that case I’d store character B on another server and play with A on the server with your friends. If you don’t have the time to play a 2nd character, why even make one in the first place?
Either way it’s going to cost you at least 2 transfer tokens.

2 tokens are not a problem, the problem is the penalty for transferring 1 character to another server because if you do it, you have a time penalty for the next transfer

Hello @Szluga

Hope you are doing great and ejoying the holidays!

I understand this situation and is really important for the players to feel conforatable wiht the server and friends.

At this moment the only posibility to change worlds is with a transfer token. The transfer cooldown will be apply in January at the moment you still have 72 hrs penalty. You can read the details here [Downtime] December 8th, 2022 in the last statement.

Best wishes adventurer.
Keep gaming!

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