Will it be added to the game ?

Hello, this topic was created for the developers . Are there any plans to add new move sets for weapons to the game, or will it be depending on the type of weapon, such as in the wither 1 or the souls series? Are there any plans to add new weapons? Such as a two-handed sword, dagger, crossbow?

there are new weapons coming as far as we know, according to some leaks.

There are leaks of weapons since the betas. For what we know, the first weapon they’re gonna add is the void gauntlet, followed by the blunderbluss, daggers and mace.

I‘d prefer deeper skill trees for the current weapons… maybe make certain weapons unlockable after reaching different weapon levels.
Musket Key Mastery unlocks a blunderbuss or pistols. Or even more musket customization.

I just want to level my musket but at lvl 30 I already have everything unlocked…

What has happened to the void gauntlet?

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