Will mounts be added in the future?

Why doesn’t New World have mounts? Will it be added in the future eventually?

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I’m sure bots would make use of them, no doubt.

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Hello @Almer!

Hope you are doing well :slight_smile: I am sorry currently New world doesn’t have any Mounts.

Right now the resources available for travelling are Fast travel using Azoth,Recall to Inn and respawn options.

However as per this post in future horse mounts will be available:

Hope this helps!


I didn’t know that was a thing…

Not that I think we need them, but it’s nice to see people will get them eventually.

That post does not have a single dev response. AGS, please control your support team.

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But the response says -Official-

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Whoa! No way! Horse mounts are coming? Dope!

It is recommended to put on the paid cross-service function


Hello everyone,

As i have mentioned in the post only travelling options are fast travel,recall to inn or re spawning.

About Horse mounts i found a thread which i shared,However i am checking with Devs too.

Once i have any confirmation will be back here,until than appreciate your patience :slight_smile:

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I hope it’s not too late. Lot of us are waiting for mounts and would join back again.

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there are not mounts, CS is misinformed

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Soonest they would consider mounts is when we get the new zones north of what we have now. Maybe this fall if they push it.

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CS didn’t say there were currently mounts in the game, learn to read fella.

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There was something in the works about rafts along the coast but this seemed to be more of a proof of concept than anything currently implementable

hey fella, go fetch out a forum thread that confirms horse mounts. CS confirmed something that devs have never confirmed.

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No. You specifically said “in future horse mounts will be available”. That is a pretty definitive statement. I guess now, you are trying back pedal that mistake without actually saying you were wrong in what you said. Lame. I read in a thread that the game is dead. What’s your next post? A link to that thread and confirming it is dead? What a waste. Someone needs to talk to you about how you do your job.

Or, maybe they are coming, but you just were not suppose to say anything about it yet? Either way, you need a talking to.

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You replied using an unofficial, player made thread that drips with sarcasm, that only has 19 replies as of this post…are you sure you should be working in customer service for this game/forum?

@shanp There is nothing in that post from AGS! Are you, as someone who speaks for AGS, now confirming mounts? or are you misunderstanding something?