Will mounts be added in the future?

Awesome!! Now I can just make a random statement about something I want in the game and say its coming and then mark it “-Official-”

Free housing is coming to all areas for all players. -Official-

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Will you explain how mounts kill the game for you? I’m honestly curious.

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I’ve been around since the beginning of computer gaming. I wanted to know, in your words, how a mount kills the game for you. So, I asked you. No need for the attitude or nerd rage or whatever you have going on there.

I would say mounts are ok but not for the game right now nor for a while. Possibly after an expansion or two?

I dislike mounts because people usually run past alot of things and don’t interact as much and players tend to just chill in towns. That happens to a certain extent now with Azoth but once in the town players still run around and have some interactions which I really enjoy!

If they do add mounts I would hope its just horses and you have to hitch them to a town or something like that. Keep them to the roads only and if you take damage it knocks you off the horse.

@shanp Oh boy… here we go again. Shanp, you have a very limited window here, we just seen this same type of situation with wyvern and his response. Oh ya btw Wyvern is a dude :wink: His cousin confirmed to me because i kept saying dude/girl lol. Anyway, be very careful when saying stuff like this, its being covered all over the place, including my youtube channel. I try to stay on top of any news coming out. At this point, the only thing you can do without causing another shit storm is stay true to your word and get a DEV to respond to this ASAP. Dont pass the buck, dont pass it off to another category, get us our answer please. And do it before more ppl leave the game. We aren’t asking for horses right this second, we are asking for a very very very simple answer, are horses coming. Good luck to you sir. You will need it… slender…

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Even if new world had mounts I’d still prefer fast travel so I don’t see it adding much value to the game other than something else to cause poor server performance just for aesthetics.

The developer gave you an ironic answer with good intentions, but I think you have a comprehension problem. The mounts will come, this is the datamining. The developers have stated before. Probably the next 2-3 months with the new map. Please leave them alone on this matter.

I hope they put them out of use inside the cities. Otherwise, we will have to travel 5 fps in everfall.

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Lol so true !

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I’m not sure you know what irony is, but yessir I will do what you say.

Now a pack mule that is something I’d say I’d like too see! It would have to be left road side and could be robbed if flagged! Or better yet only available while flagged! I would make sure it has a lot of armor so as to make a open world pvp encounter happen!

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Mounts in this game - lol

I’ll be gone before that travesty

Hello travellers,

Thank you for patiently waiting,I have checked with the relevant team.
As of now there is no Information on Mounts being introduced into New world.
I appreciate all your patience while i check this Information for you.

For now i have forwarded your Feedback about Mounts to the Devs team,I hope that helps!

My sincere apologies as the thread i have shared created lot of confusion here :slightly_frowning_face: My Intention wasn’t that.

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