Will mounts be added in the game?

Is there any news if they will add mounts later in the game?

At this time no, it even in the lore. but you never know what the future holds.

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I want a horse to ride around in the world.
Give me that opportunity Amazon <3

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Yea a horse would be nice

no please it would literally kill World PvP. You don’t need mount IMO you have an in you can teleport to and you can buy a house for an additional teleport. There are plenty of shrines in the region. This game is not built for mounts.


They can add it so you can only mount on PVE and not on PVP

Allowing mounts and disabling them when flagged for PVP would be a great idea to eliminate the issue of people jumping on mounts when their getting their buts handed to them.

Indeed, as stl4jsp said, it would kill the PvP aspect since this is open world PvP.

Imagine being able to super quickly run to and from town to town. Great right?

Now imagine a horde of enemy players zooming in on mounts to kill you. It is already a struggle for most players to catch up to people that just run in PvP fights let alone what that would do to engages and further quick escapes.

Even that aside for just PvE, as “Stl4jsp” said there are already “Shrines” for fast travel use.

Sure it will make traveling take you less time to get from point A to point B, and yes mounts sounds nice overall, but right now for a week old game, it is certainly not expanded enough to be ready for mounts.

This is a nice idea but I can see it causing a stir. Some people enjoy playing the PvE side of the game with PvP enabled.

I’m skeptical on the idea of mounts though, but I agree some changes should be made. Fast traveling is quite expensive and sometimes it requires a long walk to get to X objective.

An easier way would be to make it take 5 seconds to mount with a channel where you can’t move or do anything at all. Then, if you do manage to mount, anyone with a range weapon hits you, slows you down to a crawl for 8 seconds with a chance to unmount you.


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