WIll serverdown be the next weapon in war

The way war is designed at the moment is, what i know, that the leader off an guild holding a town will define a timefarme when wars will take place.

We had 2 wars yesterday which couldnt happen cause the server were down. Result is loss for the attacker and they lost the gold they paid for declaring the war.

Seems AGS is the first gaming company which brought us asymmetric warfare to an game. (serverdowntime and reporting)

You control the day they control the time.
So it is the attacker that choses patchday not the defender.


Ok, thanks for the info, had the info that defender defines the timeframe.

Anyway should the attacker not loose his money if the servers are down at wartime

The gold gets refunded to the company coffers.

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Thanks to both of you. Seems i shouldnt trust all, other player telling me something ingame.

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