Will servers open up again?

So I made my friend buy new world. The server where my other friends and me play (Abaton) is closed so he created a character on Tartarus.

After I got home from work Tartarus was closed as well. Now we can’t transfer to him and he can’t come to us.

Only option is that he pays another 13€ to transfer to a less populated server and we meet there.

This sucks…

Will servers open up again or when do new players receive a free transfer?

Sounds like the servers aren’t opening any time soon and I sincerely doubt they do another free transfer for a very long time unless something truly crazy happens.

I think they will give some free transfers after update. There are really many sleeping characters on legacy servers… which can return to game and we will have problem.

The better solution for that would be to move people who haven’t logged in since March to newer servers automatically. It’s not like they would know where they’ve been merged to.

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Bad idea how you will move them? With what scheme? , what about mates who were playing togehet and will land in total different servers ? Let people decide. Anyway fresh servers start also depends from how many people will play it… and how many will stay after hype down.

If they haven’t logged in since March they will have a free transfer token from the last time.

What about the hundreds of people who don’t want to sit in a queue? There are ways for AGS to do this.

Some more ideas here:

Servers been closed for more then a month my guys cmon time to open some of them.

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bump for opening servers so we can play with friends

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