Will the real server restart time please stand up

Right now it is currently 5:53 am on 9/12/2022 on Orofena.

Server restart message says:

Soooo not sure when exactly that is.

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Prob in 3 Hours then :white_check_mark:

or how about right now instead as it just went down lol

Yep nvm, servers are going offline rn

Or now as in now… sheesh

<3 ags lmao


Sorry :rofl: :heart:

Restart was probably in que this whole time

In the middle of our world tour! :dizzy_face: :blush:

In baseball terms, that’s call a change-up. Or a wild pitch, one of those :yum:

it says a brief restart, anyway to find out how long it will be under maintenance?

10~30 Minutes? Like usual?

Saw this in another thread

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