Will there be Faction Reset with Feb Patch?

Is this going to be included in tomorrow’s patching ? Sincerely hoping that it’ll be announced before it happens .

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@vanatheras We do not currently have further information concerning this, but we have moved it to the team to try and get some answers as soon as we possibly can. If provided with some feedback on this topic, we will make sure to update you here!

What about server transfer? Not sure if it was mentioned. I thought I heard another server transfer token was coming out but I haven’t seen one yet.

Highly doubt they’ll offer another server transfer and kinda hope they don’t.

How come?

I think they should only offer transfer tokens those stuck on dead servers or merge all the dead servers and then offer them a token.

I had someone transfer into my server. But then it died. And now I don’t want to leave them there alone. So I’m stuck there in the dead server with them because I don’t want to abandon them until a new token comes out. But more or less, in a dead server there is no point playing. So it’s been sad times.

Orun is struggling right now because a majority of the players who transferred in are stuck on yellow.
We’re all PVP focused players but there’s no active PVP because we’re all fighting for the same team. We WANT to balance ourselves out. But we can’t.

This has been a request for 2 weeks now and each time you guys just say ‘we’re looking into it’. At this rate it looks like you’re all just trying to buy time until the cooldowns reset on their own. Will you keep saying ‘we forwarded it to the dev team’ for another month or two? Theres no way the dev team doesn’t know already.

You guys told them LAST week. And the week before.

This kind of needs to have a yes or no answer sooner than later.
If its a no, then most of Orun will likely just pack up and log off until their timer resets because as it stands there’s NOTHING to do.

The end game is PVP but we can’t do that due to the player faction imbalance.
And with nothing to do in end-game, your PVP players just leave. How is it hard to understand? How can you really say ‘we’re looking into it’ for another few weeks? Its the flaw in your game and after merges/transfers resetting the cooldown should be the first thing you do.

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