Will this be the next crucible?

AGS showed us once that they are able to cashgrab and shutdown a game within 3 month of release.

So far we got 4 patches which are not nearly solving a tiny bit of the tip of the iceberg of major issues. And because other people white knighting this game so hard and pointing on other mmo launches. Did you know GW2 did 17 patches within the 4 weeks of release which resolved the major issues? ESO also did around 11 patches within the 4 release week and AGS? They are seem not able to handle this all. Communication is shit, there is no roadmap and did they now put their manpower over to LostArk? Guess seems slowly like a cashgrab to me.

Weekly patches are pretty typical for MMOs…

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yes, but not straight after launch where a ton of major bugs are existing.

The launch of an MMO of this scale was always going to be a bumpy ride. Only time will tell what this game can/will be.

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I’ve had the same thought a couple times.

However, ESO, Fallout 76, WoW even had rockier launches than this game did. Their dev teams were better at figuring the stuff out, but don’t forget that FO76 was actually unplayable, and actually not fun at all on release if you could play. ESO took a long while to get into a state where people would enjoy it. I have hope that New World can bounce back like ESO did. I doubt it’ll go out the way Wildstar did.

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