Will this game get any better

Hi all, Just watched this video (sorry 47mins) but it outlines every issue NW has had.

Do we really think this will improve?


I have 0 faith that this game will improve to the point that it survives.


A person who New World is not tailored to(obviously a pve player) creates a video 2 months ago(when the game was 3 months old) that ALREADY calls the game a failure?

A guy who was spreading false information about server/client privilege, and whose video on it was PROVEN wrong?

Yeah, no.

Its too early to call it. Could it fail? Sure. But its too early.


Except new world is a pve game. They haven’t done shit but progressively ruin the PVP experience since day one.

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Yeah thats right, its a pve game only…

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No, it’s not getting better because it’s not worth the effort. Amazon abandoned this game already by just fixing bugs this month. Players are dropping like flies and the game is nearing 30k primetime players, lol. Sorry, this game isn’t coming back.

Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring and End of Dragons are just about to be released and Lost Ark already drained about 20k players out of this game. Imagine how it will look early March when all of these games are live. Maybe 20k primetime players if we’re generous.

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too early?
when the entire player base at peak hours is now only around 40k people?
and as a guy said above already elden ring is gonna come out soon and other games.
new world more like dead world


It could. It all depends on the development staff and them changing the philosophy of gating everyone and giving endless, meaningless grinds for no carrot. Also needs more content and performance fixed.

They need to change a lot of bad philosophies to get people back. Changing xp by 10% isn’t going to do it.

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Nope, there’s no salvaging this one. Not with the current management anyway.


The only pvp activities left are the tattered remnants of their launch vision of the game, which they have pivoted from. Pvp will forever be an afterthought in this game. Much like the crafting, quest diversity, and mob diversity.

yeah this streamer has made it clear repeatedly that he is biased against New World.


When every available data is supporting his point, I wouldn’t call him biased.

Look where this game started and look where it is now.

Abandoned the game… by fixing bugs… the hell are you talking about lmfao. If they abandoned they game they wouldnt waste time fixing bugs, ur talking nonsense now. Dont like the game? thats fine, but spray a buncha bull around simply cause you have nothing better to do. Youre on these forums lurking because there is nothing out better than NW. LA is a click to move boring P2W game that wont last, you know this thats why you are here instead of playing it. Feb patch drops and the bugs get fixed then they will make new content. Literally over and over people say dont make new content fix the stuff we have… then they do that and you all still bitch about it. Makes no sense at all xD


I think we will see a bit of a comeback when the next patch with the OPR changes goes live.
And if the bugfixes (combat) really work.
We will see where the game will then go from there.
A few good patches in a row and we are rolling again. Yes I really believe that.


There are dozens of better games, I just like to watch how everything I predicted months ago is coming to fruition now.

And I find it funny how some people are still blind and don’t want to see the cold hard truth. Heck people said this game would somewhere around 100k players stop the bleeding, we’re almost at 40k now and haven’t hit rock bottom yet and people still think this game will make a return or have a future.

Get real. This game is doomed, the question is when they’re going to pull the plug, not if. And based on the player numbers it will be way sooner than expected.

In no patch did they fix more bugs than they brought new ones into the game. If you think bug fixing patch will make the game better overall, sorry, you slept over the last patches then.

Errr 40k peak isnt how many people play the game… Yall really love throwing that peak number around lol.

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It’s exactly that. I love how people like you always deny that and said there are playing hundreds of thousands of people yet the game is dropping tens of thousands of players every month. And you guys are still coming with this argument, it’s hilarious.

You will come back too.

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I guess u have never played mmorpgs before. Thats okay ill help ya out. Once people finish the content, they only log in for small amounts of time to do dailies here and there. Then when new content drops they come back and do it. People hop on and do wars and such when needed then hop back off. To even consider a mmorpg would hold its peak numbers months in with no new content yet is foolish. You can come here and give ur doomsday posts but it means nothing my guy.


i also hope so, opr changes seems great to me

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