Will we able to dodge or block whenever we want to? Will we be able to actually be responsive to visual inputs?

Hello folks!

New on the forums but old one on the game.

I played new world some time ago, loved the visuals and the ambiance of the game. But the combat… how god the combat!!! Hated it.

I came from ESO which I left because of balance and netcode issue but initialy loved the combat of it so much! Seeing New World was being made got me so excited! Was close to eso gameplay but seemed a bit more slow and a bit more clean. Loved what I saw.

When i finally got my hands on it… I got so disappointed on how the combat felt! Not about every aspect of it, loved the animations and the kind of slow pace but… When seeing a mob attacking and not being able to respond to it while being locked on an animation killed it to me.

I really want to love the game, I really want to come back.

So I want to ask you, any recent talks about that? Will we be able to play a bit more reactively anytime soon? I’m not asking to do the damages when cancelling as eso… I hate that, but I’m just asking to be able to actually react to attacks.

They made a change a while ago that allows you to cancel the startup frames of basic attacks with a block or a dodge. Even though a lot of other aspects about combat are still super clunky and unbalanced, this one got fixed a while back.

Thank you for the reply!

That’s something at least I guess.

But anything on skill cancelliing then since the most of the locking time is caused by that rather than basic attacks .

Or is it intended to really try to time our skills that well? Cause if yes… forget pvp and let’s learn mobs’ patterns!

Unfortunately they largely removed stagger from both players and mobs. Paired with how little damage you take and how quickly you heal, it makes interacting with the enemies almost entirely optional. You can dodge and time your attacks, or just mash your way through, there’s little difference.

PvP isn’t much different due to the egregious balance decisions and lack of counterplay because of aforementioned reasons.

It feels like sitting between 2 chairs. Either you have stagger and you can somehow plan the fights and combos, or you don’t have stagger and you should be able to react to visual inputs even while attacking for the combat to be somehow reactive.

Although i would prefer the later, this mix of both sides is kind of way worse than one or the other… I really do hope something is planned about that.

The content, the world, everything doesn’t matter that much as long as the combat feels engaging and fun to play in my opinion. The game is close to be good and close to have people playing it, I would be thrilled for that combat revamp.

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