Will you come back to NEW World? What is your plan?

Hello everyone. I’ve been playing the game since day one. I took a break sometimes but I’m still here. New updates are on the way. What will your plan be? Are you going back to the New World or is the story over for you?

Please everyone give feedback. And remember that management reads what you write.


I am now an established player in BDO. In BDO I get to do forced open world PvP around the clock. In BDO I get to participate in all the daily wars I want. In BDO I get to decide to progress my character either through solo grinding monsters, group grinding monsters, lifeskilling, PvP (winning last night’s war added 1.5 billion silver to my wallet), dungeons around the clock, and Sea content. All in a true action combat package that’s 40% gear base, 30% skill-based, and 30% class power based.

After reading all of that, why should I return in earnest to New World? That all being said, technically I never quit New World. I still play New World for around 3 to 6 hours per a month. But the chances of me making New World my main or secondary game to play is highly unlikely this year.


Unless the female stance and animations get adjusted to something more recognisable female, I don’t see myself able to return to New World, no matter how well the game might progress otherwise. Whether it is laziness or something political, that this still has not been addressed by the company, despite many players bemoaning it, I do not know, but either of these options I would find none acceptable, so for me personally, a lot hangs on this particular issue. As a female I have other games, which do not make me feel like my femininity is ignored, possibly even considered offensive, and I shall carry my business to them instead.

Imagine it the other way round, all characters in this game would stand and move in a way, most would recognise as feminine, it would be unacceptable for many male players just the same.


I never left the game.


Embrace your masculinity lady, build a hella muscled bald, feel the privilege of the majority.


NW had a good chance just because gaming in general has been in a rut for almost 2 years but I think they blew that opportunity. Too many good titles coming out this year that will keep chipping away at the population.


I am not holding my breath on any of them being any better. MMO’s as a whole have been terrible as of late.

Lol, no thank you. I am very much appreciating the biological differences between us, even though carrying a 15 kilo dog food bag almost has me collapse half way through the yard… :joy:


Nope. The game would be fine if you have a good company at least for mutations but I don’t have one and I’m tired of carrying the server.


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Yes, u are right

I will, but waiting for “Wayfinder”. AGS showed themselves from the wrong side, there is no confidence in them. :slight_smile:

The game will probably gain more players after the perk balance update scheduled during the Fall this year. By then we will have a second attempt at balance update and other goodies.

Now that I think about it, they mentioned each season will last for 3 months. Since the first season will air on 28 March, S3 will most likely come up during the Winter and season 4 next year

I’ll return once there are mounts! Dont need them But I damn sure want them


I will probably continue to hop on a few hours a week, but i just dont see much in the upcoming near future that is worth returning for.

OPR/Wars? Same old maps for the last year and a half. Ill pass.

Another dungeon? Repeat 25x times every few weeks? Ill pass. Not really sure why they even added a new one… their history of adding dungeons has never increased player count.

By the time any decent looking content is coming out, D4 will be out. Not sure if ill bother with coming back.

its political, im glad to see a woman talking about this though, Politics need to stay out of games.


Left before the new upcoming patch and not gonna come back because of the following:

  1. Brutal upcoming murder of bruiser class. That’s it. I do not care about those silly arguments that this is just balancing. They’ve nerfed every single aspect of bruiser. From stat bonuses and weapon abilities to perks on gear. The only cancer of this game was ranged meta in pvp and it is slill gonna be a cancer plus FS meta (prepare your stick Harry). It is clear that I could switch my class to adapt for upcoming changes but i have no intentions to do so.

  2. Awful economy which is just a non stop grinding of basic mats and components. Absurdly designed crafting system which creates lack of good items on TP. 1,5 - 2 mln of gold for BiS is just fantastic.

3 Poor QOL. Group finder is still without the ability to inspect player’s gear. By the way this is acually the main purpose the group finder is needed for.

  1. Absence of any possibility to sort out your storage. I have almost 6 storages filled with armour and weapon both dropped or crafted and no chances to find something particular or dismantle anything i do not need anymore. The in-game storage filters are just a joke. Who even cares about sorting items by weight?

  2. PvE is still unrewardable as a high endgame content. Whatever mutation you run the reward is pretty same except some named items which are mostly garbage. That’s why Genesis and Laz mutations always will be most popular. Cuz you can run them within 15-20 min in comparison with 1h tempest run and you still get the same reward. And the fastest umbral shards farm of course.

Facing all mentioned above what AGS are gonna to implement? A season pass? A new dungeon with no brain mechanics? New event? No thanks. This game is cursed and i’m not gonna play it anymore.


You made me play BDO too currently 645 GS I cant agree I play ninja I cant do anything to 690-700 GS players. Gear in BDO creates huge advantage than in New World. Open World PvP is dead same as here. Currently I grind in elvia for last earring Cup I have not seen anyone since I started maybe 2-3 players at Red Orcs… This whole ow pvp in bdo require rework, deep rework. Players are punished because they defend their spot, grefiers just „karma bombing” u … PvP and fighting is better and more interesting tbh I start see problems here and imo they can add to skills these passives like super armor, forward guard or invincible status… it might be interesting here. But PvP in bdo is emm 1 CC and you/oponent is dead one combo meta killed pvp in bdo imo. Hastag Nerf Maegu !! :smirk: In the end stop spreading misinformation BDO is less grindy than NW its easy to check… Nowadays without infinite potion and autopotion Fairy its impossible to take part in every PvP content… where HP potion is ~200 hours of grind ? Much less if you were RNG Carried about me … Red wolves 10 hours, Sherekhans 100 pity pieces ~ 70 hours, 52 hours on Ronaros … New World is really good casual MMO where u can get stuff really quickly…


I don’t really know… I left the game because of much higher focus on studies and also work. But always had time to play any game if i want too, i even play league daily still 1-4 matches.
But yeah i don’t know… pretty much i stopped for a while and never felt any longing not even to get some dailies done, maybe because of the repetitiveness.

But yeah prolly be back around new major patch play a bit and wait for TL and the other games. Think NW will need to do a FF14 rework, but since even them took 2-3 years to make that rework happen so we still 2 yearish away to that happen.

Hope the few who will keep playing keep enjoying.

I left for over a year. Came back, started playing a lot. But now I play OPR to get my gypsum, increase PvP track a bit, and I’m out. Reason being is that it takes too long to get decent gear, and getting shards to upgrade said gear takes even longer. Time gating progress is dumb as hell. And some expeditions are too difficult without the proper gear. This game has become such a chore.

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