Will you tune down healers?

Just looking for a simple yes/no answer.
If you think PvP is fine right now then tell me so i don’t have to waste my time.
Last thing i want is another mmo where healers trumps dps.




well i guess healer are pretty strong since you need them for pve and pvp.

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You seem to expect to easily kill a healer. Maybe a little perspective thought is required.

  1. You are built to damage and likely do great damage numbers attacking someone. This is your build.

  2. Healers are built to heal and likely do great healing numbers when defending. That is their build.

Healers don’t do a lot of damage so you don’t die to them either. But eventually you will kill them. While you are attacking a healer they aren’t healing their team meaning your enemies are more likely to die.

Stop expecting to be able to dominate everything you look at.


Healers were already tuned down enough. The problem now is coming from heavy armor. Either tune the defensive capabilities of it down or add a debuff “less range dmg and less healing output” to it.



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The life staff skill floor is too low. You don’t have to aim (healers rarely left click), use good positioning or even dodge. You just exist and you get value. No other build requires so little effort. I’m not saying healers by default are bad players. There are many good players that play healers. I am saying a terrible player still provides tremendous value if you give them a life staff. They would be awful otherwise.


So you apparently think healers should be 1v1 fodder for DPS. That being the case then I truly hope you find a game where healers are fine getting wrecked by 1 dps. This one isn’t, and I hope it never will be, a game where that’s the reality.

Decently geared and decently played healers can, do, and should be able to, withstand a single DPS. Probably 2 for a short period of time, long enough - in OPR for example - someone else on their team to come break up the party if that happens quickly. What possible good is a healer in a game when all it takes to end them is sending a single dps at them?

The day a single dps can reliably drop healers is the day healing is dead.


Another day another scrub melee player getting kited by a decent healer.


This. Life staff already cant kill anyone. Now it should not even be able to heal. Thats pretty much a death sentence.


And most if not all of those bad healers who are rewarded for existing are all wearing heavy. If they sorted the armor system out and gave negatives to wearing heavy armor, you’d see how quickly a lot would spec out.


I say this every single ‘nerf healer’ post. It’s the most logical and common sense solution.


In a balanced game, if a healer stands still and just heals they should eventually die. They shouldn’t be able to stand still and out heal the damage of a pure dps character over an extended period of time. The healer should have to dodge, use game sense, and fight back. The better player should win. As of now, a tanky healer can literally stand still and out heal a single dps’s damage indefinitely. It’s not balanced. I might be okay if the game was designed around a rock, paper, scissors balance where one class countered another class, but we don’t have that yet.

No 1 class should counter pure heals. It should be a combined effort to take down a healer.

But your best chance would be to play a CC heavy weapon, with healing debuffs and I’m pretty sure most won’t survive.


no aiming??? if the healer just target heals / circle on floor heals then sure not much aiming … but shooting a player also heals them too in most builds … add the sticky heal and you really have to heal … melee just left click and look at the targets … i play both and tbh healing is much more skill requiring than melee.


That is literally saying a healer counts as 2 or more players, which is impossible to balance if teams are equal in numbers.


They already nerfed them enough.

They added more anti-heal perks into the game.

They added Void Gauntlet which is the healers bane.

Any more nerfs would ruin the class…

How would you feel if someone wanted to ruin the class you play? Exactly, you wouldnt like it.

I dont even play healer either! I just have common sense. :+1:


Healers are fine learn how to play


How ignorant are you, really…

LS is the least “just exist and win” class there is. You are probably a GA/WH scrub that just wants to dominate everything without needing skill. Face rolling the left mouse button and having the game auto aim for you is the one thing that has NEVER applied to a LS user. You do understand no aiming with the LS is auto targeted right? Beacon is broken and will just fly off in to space 50% of the time, not healing anything and never to be seen again. Sacred ground is a small circle that doesn’t follow anybody. Single target heals are the only thing that can auto target a player and even then it has to be cycled through the group members to heal the person needing it most.

You just want to be able to kill everything and die to nobody? You want healers to be good at nothing and bad at everything? Sounds super enjoyable for healers to not be able to kill anybody or keep anybody alive and die to everything just so you feel superior and feel they are balanced.

Healing already has no gain in being in heavy armor. No rolls, dodges or bonus to healing. The focus tree perks are a joke and are either worthless or broken (reaching 0 mana to gain 200% mana regen for 10 seconds is impossible to do).

Maybe try getting some skills yourself and instead of trying to face tank a healer and just spamming your left click to auto target your enemy then cry when they don’t fall over instantly.


I just read what you quoted AND his post, and he didnt say anything close to that.

He said Teamwork should be required to take down a healer… which is true.

A healer should be good at heals.

Notice he cant kill you?

cant push enough DPS if he’s specc’d into a pure healer, which is why these complaints exist.

Maybe you should work on Skill & Teamwork, Not try to nerf anything thats hard for you to beat. :joy: