Win Trading is disgusting

This was an issue in Beta where factions would switch and trade the towns to themselves by keeping 1 person in charge and selecting only lvl 20’s to defend this was done by Validus and now its being done by Epherium on US East Valhalla there needs to be punishment this is single handedly killing a server. And the devs keep letting people get away with it. Epherium is switching 4 zones to them selves.


But there are three factions for a reason. Why don’t the greens team up and declare war?

I don’t think Amazon should get involved in server world politics unless they decide to change mechanics so factions can’t ‘abuse’ the system anymore.

I think they say not to win trade so maybe they will do somerhing

win trading is not allowed they literally have more players in their guild than on the server. we had 60-70 greens and the outnumered us 4 to 1 to decalre war on their own town for a free win.

Perhaps not allowed, but for Amazon do something about it, I would not count on it. You see there is always the problem, when does win trading start? So if they select level 30 players now, is it still win trading? What about level 35? What if they AFK during war? Who is the judge? If I am Amazon I would never involve myself into this ‘drama’.

I know it sucks and I totally understand your point, and they should have better mechanics for preventing faction imbalance and avoid abuse of the territory wars. Just don’t count on Amazon to punish anyone.

Report them, win trading is bannable

this is the whole point of this is to brign light to it i reported Validus during the beta and they got a waring from the devs.

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