Wind Chill can't crit, Flamethrower can?

ft can crit

windchill cant… why ?


Thanks for this question/feedback @Saroth I will pass this along.


ty, doesnt make much sense to me tbh. Flamethrower can…^^

on top wind chill has grit if u use the perk, but we cant have weapons with thwarting strikes anymore ( there used to be some IG’s with it back at launch )

That’s why flamethower should be nerfed, not buffed, and something has to be done about it no cd thing. There is plenty of topics about daily! But I did not see that any of you passed this along @Talon

windchill gets grit. can flamethrower?

because if flamethrower had a CD, it would be just like windchill… useless. The only justified nerf to FT is an overheat mechanic or nerfs to Attunement and rune glass dot.


since it ticks more + crits. no

Overheat mechanic sounds legit, but I am wondering if it is not too much for AGS>

Same day mele perma slow is removed FT can get CD.
As long as mele can perma slow with LMB - FT has to stay couse its only play mage can do when perma slowed.

FT is in good spot. Wind chill is a skill that needs a buff. Only use case right now for windchil is heavy ss user - to break shield stamina.


But you’re wanting to make them the same ability. So why doesn’t flamethrower get grit?

Cuz ft gets extra speed and more ticks.
Which windchill doesnt

But it had no CD long before the melee hit dodge reduction was a thing lol

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True but we didnt used it back then, cuz mage was better.

No, because everyone though it was a meme :joy:, Which it wasn’t.

Also the best mages that I’ve come across still don’t use it for whatever that’s worth

But you’re asking to make windchill operate as ft. If it had 0 cooldown and crit, everyone would use windchill over ft because it has grit…

Picking up what I’m putting down now?

Where did i say windchill should have 0 cooldown?

Fair. I think someone else did the other day and I’m confusing the 2. My bad.

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all good. might have been me, aint my first language :smiley:
but ye no i just want it to have a thwarting strike perk ( on ig’s ) cuz we have grit.

or atleast let it crit aswell to be viable

Wind Chill’s only current use it to 1v1 Heavy S&S tanks if you are using an ice gauntlet, and even then, it requires the grit perk to be useful. It’s a very useful perk if you are in that situation. In any other situation, you are better off with any other IG ability.

Wind chill should be able to crit. Even if it could crit, I doubt that would make it a usable choice in any format other than 1v1 and 3v3 (when specifically fighting Heavy S&S). It’s already an incredibly niche skill, and it doesn’t even perform that task better than other weapons (in reducing tanks stamina).

All you guys are going in total opposite direction. The fact FT doesn’t have cd it’s meme itself, and should be changed. We are announcing it here for months. What is sad is the fact doesnt play own game, so from time to time they come forum ,see posts like that and listen to it.

I am done. I have tried since launch, but it’s going nowhere.

Do whatever you want guys, make all abilities no cd, with grit, perma stun, perma slow, perma idk what oyu need more… actually, let’s go just make one ultra super ability for everyone, charging time 1 second, whoever hit first gonna win…